Assign AccurateAce Background Check

The AccurateAce Background Check can be assigned from the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab. The applicant's status must be changed to the custom AccurateAce Background Check status in order for the background screening to be available to assign.

Assign from Applicant Profile

To assign from the Applicant Profile page:

  1. Change the candidate's status to the applicable background check status on either the Manage Applicants page or the Applicant Profile page. This enables a background check to be assigned to a candidate on the Statuses tab of the Applicant Profile page.
  2. Navigate to the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab.
  3. Click the Assign to Applicant link in the background check status section. This opens the Select Screening Program Option pop-up.
  4. Select the AccurateAce Background Check provider from the Select Provider drop-down.
  5. Click Submit. This redirects the recruiter to the AccurateAce system where the appropriate screening package must be selected and assigned to the candidate. The recruiter has 30 minutes to complete this step before their AccurateAce session times out. Should a timeout occur, a background check will not be assigned to the candidate, and the recruiter will need to start the process again on the Applicant Profile page.
  6. 7. AccurateAce sends an email to the candidate to collect data for the remaining required fields.

If the screening request is successful and completed, the following information displays on the Applicant Profile page:

  • Assigned - This field displays the date that the background screening was assigned to the candidate.
  • Reference ID - This field displays the package name selected and assigned to the candidate in AccurateAce.
  • Status - This field displays the overall status of the order.
    • If the request is successful, this field displays "Acknowledged."
    • If the request is not successful, this field displays "Error."
    • Once the background check process is started, this field displays "In Progress."
    • Once the background check is finished, this field displays "Completed."

The results of the background check display in the status panel on the Applicant Profile > Statuses tab. You can also view the results from the associated column on the Manage Applicants page.