Session - Respond to a Waitlist Request

Instructors can respond to waitlist requests from the Waitlist page of a Session Roster.

There are two ways to view the waitlist for a session:

  • From the session roster, click the Waitlisted link. See Session Roster - Roster Tab.
  • Go to ILT > Manage Events & Sessions and click the Waitlists button and search for the session by title, vendor, session ID, or locator number. Waitlists can be viewed by User or by Session using the tabs. You can also view past waitlists on the Pass Requests tab. Next to the waitlist, click View to view and respond to waitlisted users.

See Session Roster - Roster - Waitlists.


In the Respond column, grant or deny the user a spot in the session.

  • Denying a waitlist request changes the users status to Denied and the Deny Waitlist email is triggered if active.
  • Granting a waitlist request changes the user's status to Registration Pending or Registered (if the Auto-register users upon granting waitlist option is selected). The Grant Waitlist email is triggered if active.
  • When waitlist openings are manually granted from the Waitlist page and there are no seats available at the time, the maximum registration of the session increases to accommodate the granted user.
    • If another user subsequently withdraws, the maximum registration does not decrease to its original number.
  • If a waitlist opening is granted after the registration deadline, the granted user is not able to register for the session and has a Registration Closed status.
  • If a user does not register for a session before the waitlist acceptance deadline passes, their status is changed from Registration Pending to Denied and the opening is granted to the next person on the waitlist if auto-management is enabled.
    • The waitlist acceptance deadline is specified on the Session Details page when the session is created. If the auto-register feature is enabled, the waitlist acceptance deadline does not apply.
    • An email trigger may be activated to notify the user of the waitlist acceptance deadline. Also, a tag may be added to the Waitlist Opening Granted email to notify the user of the deadline.

Process Responses

Click the Update Order button to only update the waitlist order, or click the Update Order and Process Responses button to process all grant or deny selections and also update the waitlist order. When granting enrollment to a number of users that exceeded the number of available seats, the administrator is prompted to increase the maximum available seats prior to processing any enrollments. This enables the administrator to make any necessary adjustments to the session settings or the users who are being enrolled prior to enrolling any users from the waitlist.

Upon processing, all of the granted or denied users are removed from the waitlist.

Note: In order for the waitlist priority rank to be in the correct order after selecting the Grant and Process Responses waitlist options, you must click the Update Order button.