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The session waitlist contains all of the users who attempted to register for a session that has no available roster spaces. Users join the waitlist in order to be added to the roster if any spaces become available. Instructors cannot view the waitlist if there are no users on the waitlist (i.e., there must be users on the waitlist for instructors to be able to view the waitlist).

There are two ways to view the waitlist for a session:

  • From the session roster, click the Waitlisted link. See Session Roster - Roster Tab.
  • Go to ILT > Manage Events & Sessions and click the Waitlists button and search for the session by title, vendor, session ID, or locator number. Waitlists can be viewed by User or by Session using the tabs. You can also view past waitlists on the Pass Requests tab. Next to the waitlist, click View to view and respond to waitlisted users.


Allow Auto-Management of Waitlist

On the Waitlist page for a session, you have the option to allow the system to automatically manage the waitlist by selecting the Allow Auto-Management of Waitlist option. If this option is selected, you can also select the way in which the system manages the waitlist:

  • Grant a waitlist opening to one user at a time based on priority - This option grants the waitlist opening to the person at the top of the waitlist when a seat becomes available.
  • Grant opening to all waitlisted users at once for first come first served registration - This option grants the waitlist opening to all users on the waitlist when the seat becomes available, and the seat is given to the first of those users to register.
    • When a seat becomes available, all waitlisted users have the status Registration Pending and the option to register. The first user to register is granted the seat and the status for all other users returns to Waitlisted.
    • This only applies when openings are granted through auto-management of the waitlist. If an instructor or administrator manually grants an opening to a user from the Waitlist page, the opening goes to that user.
    • The waitlist acceptance deadline is not enforced with this option as it would introduce the possibility of having every user on the waitlist denied.

Auto-register user upon granting waitlist

You also have the option to automatically register users if they are granted a seat from the waitlist by selecting the Auto register upon granting waitlist option.

  • This setting is independent of the Register Upon Approval setting for a user because all users on the waitlist have already been approved.
  • If this option is selected, the waitlist acceptance deadlines do not apply because the user is automatically registered.
  • If this option is selected and the training has a price associated with it, the user is required to pay for the training before they can be auto-registered. The training is in a Pending status in the user's transcript until the training is paid. Once paid, the user is auto-registered. Note: To register a user for a training item by bypassing the training item's cost, the user must be assigned via learning assignment, and the Bypass User Payment option must be selected in the learning assignment.
  • If this option is not selected, the granted user's Transcript status changes to Registration Pending with the option to Register. If there is a waitlist acceptance deadline, then that user has a limited amount of time to register for the class before their status changes to Denied and the opening is granted to the next person on the waitlist.



The users who are on the waitlist are displayed in the table.

  • Click the user's name to view user information, including the user's email address, phone number, manager, and organizational units.
  • Users are not listed on the waitlist until they are approved and granted any exceptions requested, except in the following situations where the user can be in both on the waitlist and the exception request list:
    • The user has not met the prerequisites or does not meet the session's availability criteria (exception request)
    • The user requests a session which is full (waitlist request)


In the Order column, enter the priority order for the waitlist. If a user has an order number of 1, they have the highest priority for the session.

Note: In order for the waitlist priority rank to be in the correct order after selecting the Grant and Process Responses waitlist options, you must click the Update Order button.

Response Comments

In the Response Comments column, enter a comment regarding the waitlist response. These comments appear on the granted or denied user's Training Details pages.


In the Respond column, grant or deny the user a spot in the session. See Session - Respond to a Waitlist Request.

Reserved Seats

For waitlisted users that match the criteria for an organizational unit (OU) that has reserved seats, the user that is highest on the waitlist is granted the first available reserved seat for their matching OU if the Allow Auto-Management of Waitlist option is configured for the session.

Note: If the first available opening is in general seating, then the user is still granted the general seating opening even if the user matches an OU that has reserved seats. Thus, if a general seat is available for the session before a reserved seat is available for a user's matching OU, the general seat is granted.

Process Responses

Click the Update Order button to only update the waitlist order, or click the Update Order and Process Responses button to process all grant or deny selections and also update the waitlist order. When granting enrollment to a number of users that exceeded the number of available seats, the administrator is prompted to increase the maximum available seats prior to processing any enrollments. This enables the administrator to make any necessary adjustments to the session settings or the users who are being enrolled prior to enrolling any users from the waitlist.

Upon processing, all of the granted or denied users are removed from the waitlist.

Note: In order for the waitlist priority rank to be in the correct order after selecting the Grant and Process Responses waitlist options, you must click the Update Order button.

Waitlist Expiration

If a waitlist expiration date is specified on the Session Details page, after the expiration date, the waitlist no longer exists and all users previously on the waitlist are removed and have the status of Waitlist Expired. This triggers the Waitlist Expired email if active.

Users with the status of Waitlist Expired have the option to register or select a session. If they attempt to register for a class that is full, they are not denied. They see a message indicating that the class is full and that they may attempt to register for open seats when they become available. Users with a Waitlist Expired status receive an email when seats become available if the email is active.

Enrollment Restrictions

If enrollment restrictions are placed on organizational units, then users whose organizational units have zero seats available are added to the waitlist. There may be users on the waitlist when there are seats available for others. When the auto-management feature is enabled, the system automatically checks the OU availability for each user on the waitlist and only grants the opening to users who have seats available in their organization unit.

Interest Tracking

If the Add users on the waitlist to the interest tracking list for that event and location preference is checked on the ILT Preferences page, then users on the waitlist are also added to the interest tracking list for that event and location as soon as they are added to the waitlist. Users are removed from the interest tracking list if they register for the session.

Limit Users to One Waitlist Per Event

If a user has requested multiple waitlists prior to being limited to one waitlist per event, then administrators cannot grant multiple waitlist requests for the same event. When the administrator grants a waitlist request for a session, then all requests from the user for sessions within the same event are automatically denied.

When a user is withdrawn from a session waitlist as a result of the Limit Waitlist feature, then the system behaves as though the user withdrew from the session. On the Waitlisted Users page, if a user is withdrawn from the waitlist for a session, the request is removed from the Current by User and Current by Session tabs.

The withdrawn request appears on the Past Requests tab. On the Past Requests tab, the Decision Data column displays the date and time of the action, and the Decision Type column displays "Withdrawn."


  • If a user is in a Waitlist Expired or an Exempt status for a session, the registration number of the event will NOT increase, provided there is no further user action required for the event, and the user will not be prompted to retake another session of the same event.

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