Training Inventory Administration

This page displays all pre-purchased training for the user, the training title, date it was pre-purchased, the total number of users for which the item is pre-purchased, the total number of used assignments, and the available balance. The user/manager can assign training to users with or without a due date, and track the enrollment and training details from this page.

To access the Training Inventory page, go to My Account > Order History. Then, click the View Inventory button.

Using the Search functionality, you can search for inventory by title or type.

The Inventory table displays the following information:

  • Title - displays title of learning object, column can is sortable
  • Date Purchased - displays date and time of purchase, column is sortable
  • Quantity - displays quantity purchased, column is sortable
  • Used - displays quantity of pre-purchased training that has been assigned to users
  • Available - displays quantity of training that can be assigned to users

In the Options column, the following actions are available:

  • Assign Users - click to assign training to users. For ILT inventory, if registration is closed for the session or if the transaction is Pending Payment, the Assign Users option is not available. See Assign Training to Users from Inventory.
  • View Enrollments - click to view enrollments, assigned training. If the transaction is Pending Payment, the View Enrollments option is not available. See Training Enrollments - View.