Purchase Training Inventory

Purchasing training inventory allows administrators to purchase a training item with the intent to assign that training to other users.

Purchase Inventory

To purchase inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the LO. See Search for Training.
  2. The LO Details page displays an overview of the training item. At the bottom, click the Add to Cart button. If you are purchasing ILT inventory, next to the appropriate session, click the Add to Cart link in the Options column.
  3. A pop-up appears where you can choose to purchase the training for yourself or for inventory. Select the Others: Pre-Purchase option and specify the number of users you are purchasing. Click Submit.
  4. The item is added to the shopping cart with the specified number of users listed in the Quantity column. You can update this amount here if necessary. See Shopping Cart - Overview.
  5. Continue through the Checkout process. If you are purchasing ILT inventory, the system verifies that the number of seats being purchased is still available and that the user is able to purchase them. After purchasing the inventory, the inventory is visible on the Training Inventory page. See Training Inventory Administration.