Create an Online Course - Overview

Using the Content Uploader, you can upload new online courses to the system and then use the Course Catalog and Course Console to configure the metadata for the course.

Help Documentation

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Use Case 1: Upload Online Courses

William is a content developer at ABC Corporation. He completed the development of ten different IT Security Policy courses and wants to upload them to the system. William opens the Content Uploader, then drags and drops the files he wants to upload into the upload box. He can track the upload progress and see if the courses were uploaded successfully. Once the files have been uploaded successfully, drafts are automatically created for each course in the Course Catalog.

Use Case 2: Edit and Publish Draft Courses

William sees that one of his courses was uploaded successfully to the system, and now he wants to edit and publish the course. He accesses the Course Catalog and opens the draft course. He previews the course and finds that it works as expected, so he edits the course metadata and publishes it. If needed, he can continue to edit other fields directly from the Course Catalog.