Content Uploader - Online Course Upload History

The Upload History page provides information about sets of course files which were uploaded to the Content Uploader by the administrators in your system, such as the owner of the files and what status the files are in.

To access the Upload History page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning and click the Upload History link. Alternatively, you can access the Upload History page via the Upload History link in the Options drop-down menu on the Content Uploader page.

Upload History

The Upload History page displays the following information for each previously uploaded set of course files:

  • Name - The title of the uploaded course files
  • Date - The date the course files were uploaded to the Course Uploader
  • Owner - The name of the administrator who uploaded the course files
  • Status - The status of the upload. Available statuses include:
    • In Progress
    • Completed
    • Partially Completed
    • Completed with Comments
    • Failed
  • Publish State - This field displays what stage of the publishing process the course files are currently in. Available publish states include:
    • Pending Publish
    • Published
    • Partially Published
  • Actions - The Actions drop-down menu next to course files that are Published or Pending Publish allows administrators to take the following actions, if available:
    • Delete
    • View Errors

Note: You can sort uploads by Name, Date, Owner, Status, and Publish State by clicking the column header for the desired sort criteria.