Content Uploader - Upload Files

The Content Uploader page allows administrators to easily upload and track online course files. The Content Uploader page allows administrators to upload multiple course files at one time, view upload statuses, access the Upload History page, and bulk publish courses. The following Content Uploader sections indicate the current status of the uploaded course files and allow the administrator to take action on the files:

  • Upload Files
  • Processing
  • Needs Provider
  • Draft Ready

Note: If no files meet the criteria for the Processing, Needs Provider, or Draft Ready sections, the associated section does not display on the page.

To access the Content Uploader, go to Admin > Tools > Learning and click the Content Uploader link.

Note: Content Publisher functionality is only available after it has been activated in your portal. To access Content Activation Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences and click the Feature Activation Preferences link.


The Options drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Content Uploader page allows you to both refresh the page and view the Content Uploader's upload history:

Upload Files

To upload a new set of course files:

  1. Drag and drop your zipped SCORM or AICC course files into the Upload Files box, or click the Add Files button and select the zipped course files from your computer. Note: Courses must be zipped into a single zip file. Any zip file must contain only one standard (AICC or SCORM or xAPI). You can upload up to 750 MB per file.
  2. After the course files have been added, they will begin uploading. A progress bar below the files displays the ongoing upload progress for the files. Each set of files displays the following information:
    • File Name
    • File Type
    • Status (i.e., Uploading, Critical Error)
  3. If there are problems with the upload, the status changes to Critical Error, and you can click the View Error Report button to view the reasons for the upload errors and address any issues. Once the files successfully finish uploading, they are transferred to the Processing section. Continue managing the upload from the Processing section.

If needed, you can delete a set of course files from the Upload Files section by clicking the Delete upload button.


Uploaded files move to the Processing section while the system checks the files for errors. You can select the Refresh option from the drop-down in the upper-right corner of the page to refresh the page.

If needed, you can delete a set of course files from the Processing section by clicking the Delete upload button.

Needs Provider

If the course provider still needs to be selected for the course files after they finish processing, the files appear in the Needs Provider section. To select a provider for a course:

  1. Click the Select Provider button. A flyout opens.
  2. The system's providers appear in the paginated flyout, with up to twenty providers per page. To search for a specific provider, the administrator can either enter the provider's name into the Provider Name search bar and clicking the Search button, or they can page through the list of providers to find the correct provider. Select a provider and then click the Done button to close the flyout and add the provider to the course.

Once a provider is selected, the course files automatically move to the Draft Ready section, and a draft is created automatically in the Course Catalog.

Draft Ready - Publish via the Course Catalog

Once a set of course files moves to the Draft Ready section, its status changes to Uploaded Successfully, and it is available in the Course Catalog as a draft.

Using the Course Catalog, you can configure the metadata for the new online course and also preview the Training Details page for the course. Click the View Catalog button to be redirected to the Course Catalog search page, where you can configure the metadata for the course, such as the title, keywords, approval workflows, pricing, and more. When you access the Course Catalog from the Content Uploader page, the Course Catalog is pre-filtered to display only online courses in a Draft status. See Course Catalog Search.

You can click the course title or select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu to edit the course metadata and publish the course. See Course Console - Details.

If needed, you can archive items in the Draft Ready section by clicking the Archive Completed Items button. Archived courses are then only accessible either via the Upload History page or as draft courses in Course Catalog. You can also delete uploaded files from the Content Uploader by clicking the Delete upload button.

Draft Ready - Bulk Publish

Administrators can also bulk publish all or selected publication courses in one click after uploading them in Content Uploader. Apart from the Date, Status of upload, and Delete, the Content Uploader page also includes the Number of Courses, Provider, and the View Course(s) button.

Click View Course(s) to go inside the course file. The View Course(s) page displays the following features:

  • A field for Search & Filtering​

  • Zip File Details

  • List of Courses​

  • Publish button

Once published, the publication status is shown as per the below image:

You can also access View Course(s) via Upload History.

The Users with existing “Online Class - Publish” permission can see the “View Course(s)” option in Content Uploader and Upload History. The same constraints will apply as the user’s “Online Class - Publish” constraints.

Note: Only courses uploaded as part of the same Publication can be published in bulk via the View Courses page.