Dynamic Team Administration

Dynamic teams can be comprised of hand-picked members, organizational units (OUs), or both. When a team is created, a Team Page is added to Connect, which enables all members of the team to view and manage team tasks. A team feed allows team members to share knowledge each other and stay informed on team member activities.

Use Case: In preparation for the annual client conference, several members of the Marketing department set up a team in order to work on a presentation. The team members share information on the Team Feed, and they create and manage the various tasks needed to deliver the presentation on the Team Tasks page.

The Dynamic Team Administration page enables administrators to create and manage dynamic teams within New Connect.

To access the Dynamic Team Administration page, go to Admin > Tools > Connect > New Connect Administration > Dynamic Teams.

Manage Dynamic Teams

  • Create a Dynamic Team - Click the Create a Dynamic Team link to create a dynamic team. See Dynamic Team - Create.
  • Search - Search for existing dynamic teams by entering the team name in the search field and click the Search button.
  • Manage Dynamic Teams - The following information displays for each dynamic team:
    • Title - This column displays the title of the dynamic team. Teams are displayed in alphabetical order by title.
    • Creation Date - This column displays the date on which the dynamic team was created.
    • Team Leads - This column displays the team leads for the dynamic team.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
    • Manage Members - Click the Manage Members icon to access the Manage Members page. See Dynamic Team - Manage Members.
    • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the dynamic team.
    • Delete - Click the Delete icon to delete the dynamic team. Note: If you delete a dynamic team, that dynamic team will no longer be selectable as an OU via the Attendees page of the Express Class creation process. See Create Express Class - Attendees.