Dynamic Team - Create

Dynamic teams can be comprised of hand-picked members, organizational units (OUs), or both. When a team is created, a Team Page is added to Connect, which enables all members of the team to view and manage team tasks. A team feed allows team members to share knowledge each other and stay informed on team member activities.

Use Case: In preparation for the annual client conference, several members of the Marketing department set up a team in order to work on a presentation. The team members share information on the Team Feed, and they create and manage the various tasks needed to deliver the presentation on the Team Tasks page.

To create a dynamic team, go to Admin > Tools > Connect > New Connect Administration > Dynamic Teams. Then, click the Create a Dynamic Team link.

Create Dynamic Team

Enter the following information for the team:

  • Team Name - Enter a name for the dynamic team, up to 70 characters.
  • Members - Select the OUs, groups, or users who are members of the dynamic team. You can also click the Create New Group link to create a new group for these criteria. If OUs or groups are selected, then this criterion is dynamic. This means that if a new user enters the OU or group in the future, then the user is automatically added to the dynamic team. In addition, if a user leaves the OU or group in the future, then the user is automatically removed from the group.
  • Team Leads - Team leads have additional abilities within the team, which may include moving team tasks, creating and editing tasks, inviting new members, and setting task priority. Click the Select User icon to select one or more team leads.

Back and Submit

Click Submit to finalize the dynamic team settings, or click Back to cancel the team creation and discard any unsaved changes.