Dynamic Team - Manage Members

The Manage Members page enables administrators to view the users in a dynamic team. Note: When creating a dynamic team it may take up to 15 minutes for the team members to appear on the Manage Members page.

To view the Manage Members page for a dynamic team, go to Admin > Tools > Connect > New Connect Administration > Dynamic Teams. Then, click the Manage Members icon in the Options column for the appropriate dynamic team.


To search for a team member, enter the user's last name in the search field and click the Search button.

The following information displays for each team member:

  • Name - This column displays the team member's name.
  • Organizational Unit - This column displays the organizational unit criteria that enabled them to be members of the team. For example, if the membership criterion is based on division, this column displays the user's division. If the user is a member of several of the criteria OUs, then all matching OUs are listed.
  • Status - This column displays whether the user is a team member or team lead.


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