Manage Device Tokens

Administrators with permission to access the Admin > Users page are able to manage a user's devices that are registered with the Cornerstone mobile application.

To manage a user's mobile devices that are registered with a Cornerstone mobile application, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Users. Then, select the Manage Device Tokens option in the Options drop-down menu for the appropriate user.

Disconnect a Registered Device

To disconnect a registered device, in the Devices table, select the Disconnect button next to the appropriate device. This opens a confirm pop-up. Select OK to disconnect, or select Cancel to stay connected.

After removing your device, you will not be able to log in using that device again, and a new pairing must be created.

Note: Removing a registered device only disables the device. The user can re-register the device if they have permission to manage devices .

See My Account - Devices.