User Record - User Record Custom Fields

The User Record page is organized into sections. Each User Record custom field category that is defined in Custom Field Administration appears as a section on the User Record. All user record custom fields that are associated with that category appear within the section, which can be expanded and collapsed as with other sections.

To view user custom fields, expand the User Custom Fields panel by clicking on the expand arrow. The panel expands to display all user custom fields. Note: The Custom Fields panel may already be expanded, depending on the page's configuration in the portal.

If a field is configured to display as read-only, it cannot be edited on the User Record page.

Note: On the User Record, the custom fields are displayed in the order and category that is defined in Custom Field Administration.See User Record Custom Field - Add/Edit.

To add a new user record, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Users. Then, select the Add User link.

Edit a user's user record in one of the following ways:

  • Go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Users and select the name of the appropriate user.
  • Navigate to the user's Universal Profile. Select the User Record tab from the Universal Profile navigation. Then, select the Edit Record button.