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User Record - Settings

The User Record page is organized into sections. The Settings section contains all of the user's system settings, such as display language, time zone, signature font, and required training approvals.

To add a new user record, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Users. Then, select the Add User link.

Edit a user's user record in one of the following ways:

  • Go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Users and select the name of the appropriate user.
  • Navigate to the user's Universal Profile. Select the User Record tab from the Universal Profile navigation. Then, select the Edit Record button.

Display Language

Select the language in which the system appears to the user. For example, if French is selected, the system appears to the user in French. Administrators can select any of the languages that are available within their portal. Administrators must have permission to view or edit the language.

Time Zone

Select the time zone in which the user resides. This affects how time are displayed in the system. For example, if a training session occurs at 8 AM PST, this session time is adjusted to each user's time zone when they view it. This allows users to view the time without needing to adjust for time zones. By default, no time zone is selected. See Time Zone Application Rules.

Administrators must have permission to view or edit the time zone.

Required Training Approvals

This defines the number of people (e.g., managers, approvers) from which the user must get approval from before being able to register for training. The required number of approvals set in the user record is bypassed if the administrator sets the learning object to be pre-approved. Important:If the Required Training Approvals field on the user record is set to zero, then no training approvals are ever required for the user, regardless of any training approvals that are set anywhere in the system.

Administrators must have permission to view or edit the user's required training approvals.


Select the font in which the user's electronic signature is displayed. This defaults to Arial. Administrators must have permission to view or edit the signature.


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