Badge - Give a Badge

Use an employee's Feedback page to give them a badge for positive recognition. A badge may also have an associated point value. Depending on the portal configuration, users may be able to view their points and a points leaderboard on the Universal Profile - Snapshot page.

Note: Badge & Point Preferences should only be configured by the Division Organizational Unit (OU) type. If Badge & Point Preferences are configured by a different OU type, then the badges will not be available to users to select and grant to others. See Badge & Point Preferences - Badges.

To access another user's Universal Profile - Bio page, select the user's photograph from any Universal Profile or Global Search page. Then, select the Feedback tab.

Give a Badge

To give another employee a badge:

  1. Click the Give a badge button . This expands the Badges panel.
  2. Click the appropriate badge. You can also hover the computer cursor over the badge to view the badge details, including the badge points. If a badge is set to be Manager Only, then only direct or indirect managers are able to award this badge, and they can only award it to their direct or indirect reports.
  3. Enter your feedback.
  4. Click Post. The feedback is added to the user's Feedback page and the badge is also displayed in the post.

When adding a badge, you cannot control which users can view the badge. This feedback is always visible to everyone who is able to view the user's Feedback page. If the email is configured and enabled in Email Administration, the Badge Provided Notification email is triggered.