My Profile - Saved Jobs

The Saved Jobs section on the My Profile page lists all the jobs you have saved. From this section, you can review, apply to, or remove jobs that you have added to this list. These saved jobs are intended to be used by applicants who want to keep track of jobs to which they have not yet applied, but might want to in the future. All saved jobs are listed in alphabetical order.

The Saved Jobs section only displays if an applicant has saved at least one job.

To view the My Profile page, click the My Profile link in the upper-right corner of any page in the Career Site. If an applicant has not yet created a profile, they can click the Create a Profile link in the upper-right corner of any page in the career site.

Filter by Open/Closed Jobs

You can filter the Saved Jobs section by open and closed saved jobs. Open jobs appear by default. To view jobs that have closed, click Closed from the filter.

Show More/Less

Up to six saved jobs display by default. If you have more than six saved jobs, click Show More to view more of your saved jobs.

Saved Jobs Details

The following information displays for saved jobs:

  • Job Title - Click the job title to view the job details. Note: If the applicant is logged into a career site to which the job is not posted, then the applicant is automatically redirected to the career site where the job details are displayed.
  • Req ID - This field displays the requisition ID for the saved job.
  • Last Modified - This field displays the date on which the application was last modified for applications that are in progress.
  • No Longer Available - This displays if the job is no longer accepting applications.
  • You Applied On - "You applied on [date]" displays the date on which you applied to the job.
  • Options - The following options may be available for the saved job:
    • Apply - This option allows you to apply to the saved job if you have not already started your application. Clicking Apply opens the first page of the application experience. If the position is no longer open, "No longer available" appears instead of the Apply button.
    • Continue - This option allows you to continue filling out the application for the saved job.
    • Delete - This option allows you to delete the saved job. If you have started the application and delete the saved job, then this also deletes your application for the job.
    • Re-Apply - This option displays if you have been moved into a Closed status for the job. Click Re-Apply to reapply to the job. Note: Applicants can only reapply to a job if enabled by the administrator in General Preferences.