Peers - Create

A peer is a user with whom you work and collaborate on a regular basis. Users are able to define which users fall into each available peer group, and managers may be required to approve the selected peers. The selected peers may be used in peer reviews and assessments, such as competency assessments and performance reviews.

To access the Peers page:

  • Go to Performance > My Peers.
  • From the Universal Profile: Snapshot page, select the Peers widget. This widget is only available if enabled by the administrator in Snapshot General Preferences. See Snapshot General Preferences.

Add User

To add an existing user within the system as a peer:

  1. Click the Add User link next to the appropriate peer group.
  2. Select a user by clicking Add icon . Note: In order to select peers, the user must have permission to select peers and reviewers. The constraints on this permission determine who the user can select. Also, peer group availability is set by the administrator in Employee Relationships. Managers and indirect managers cannot be selected as peers.
  3. Click Done.

Add External User

The ability to add an external user as a peer is only available if the administrator has configured the peer group to allow this.

To add an external user to a peer group:

  1. Click the Add External User link next to the appropriate peer group.
  2. Click the Add New External User link in the pop-up window.
  3. Add the external user's first, last name, and email address.
  4. Click Add.

Peer Status

Administrators can configure a peer group so that approval is required for each peer that is added to the peer group. If approval is required for the peer group, then the status is Pending Approval until your manager approves the peer. If approval is not required, then the status is Approved as soon as the peer is added.

Remove Peer

If necessary, you can remove a peer that you have added by clicking the Trash Can icon next to the peer. Note: You can only remove a peer if you added the peer. If the peer was added by another user, then you cannot remove the peer.