Training Details - Curriculum Details Table

For curricula, the curriculum details table on the Training Details page displays the following columns and options:

  • View - The following viewing options are available:
    • All Training - This option displays both activated and not activated training.
    • Activated Training - This option displays activated training.
    • Not Activated Training - This option displays training that is not yet activated.
  • Title - This field displays the training title. You can click the arrow next to the title to view the training description.
  • Type - This field displays the training type.
  • Due Date - This field displays the due date of the training if a due date is configured; shows "None" if a due date is not configured.
  • Excused - This field displays whether or not a user is excused from the training. Note: Excused is not a transcript status and therefore does not prevent the user from being required to complete the LO if it is required in another curriculum, cohort, or somewhere else on the transcript. It only excuses the user from the version of the LO that is active in the curriculum or cohort in which it has been marked excused. If the LO is later reversioned, it will no longer be Excused. This is different from Exempt, which is a transcript status and exempts the LO anywhere it is required on the transcript.
  • Status - This field displays the status of the learning object.
  • Options - This field displays the options available, such as Launch, which allows you to launch a training item, View Checklist, which allows you to view an observation checklist, or Request Exemption. If there are no options are available, then "None" displays in grayed out text.
  • For administrators, if an observation checklist is added to a curriculum, you can validate the checklist by clicking the Validate Checklist link in the Options column. This opens the checklist and allows you to validate the items. Note: Administrators can also access the Validate Checklist link from the Training Details page of the checklist. Additionally, managers can validate a checklist if the checklist is configured by the administrator to allow managers to validate. Managers can access the checklist from either the Curriculum Details page or the Training Details page, but the link that appears is View Checklist instead of Validate Checklist.

    • For administrators, it is possible to exempt a learner from a specific training item in the curriculum if this training is in one of the following statuses (as described on the Curriculum Details page):

      • Pending Prior Training
      • Activation Allowed
      • None (“None” corresponds to a Completed, Withdrawn, Denied or No Show training status)

  • Details - This field displays the View Details icon. If details are not available to view, "None" displays in grayed out text.