HTML Safe List

Some fields within the system accept HTML tags. However, only the following HTML tags will be rendered. All other tags will not be rendered and the tags will display as text.

HTML Tag Tag Description
<a> Defines a link.
<area> Defines a hot-spot region on an image and optionally associates it with a hypertext link. This element is used within a <map> element.
<b> Defines bold text.
<br> Defines a break in text.
<div> Defines a division or a section in an HTML document.
<em> Defines emphasized text.
<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> Defines HTML headings.
<i> Defines text that should be italicized.
<img> Defines an image.
<li> Defines a list item.
<map> Defines a client-side image map.
<ol> Defines an ordered list.
<p> Defines a paragraph.
<s> Defines a part of text that is replaced or deleted.
<span> Defines a group of inline elements in a document.
<strong> Defines important text.
<table> Defines an HTML table.
<tbody> Defines a group of body content in an HTML table.
<td> Defines an HTML table cell.
<th> Defines an HTML table header.
<thead> Defines a group of header content in an HTML table.
<tfoot> Defines a group of footer content in an HTML table.
<tr> Defines an HTML table row.
<u> Defines text that should be underlined.
<ul> Defines an unordered list.
Inline style attributes** "margin", "margin-left", "margin-top", "margin-bottom", "margin-right", "padding", "padding-left", "padding-top", "padding-bottom", "padding-right", "border", "font-size", "background-color", "color", "font-weight", "font-style", "font-family"

**For additional instructions regarding the inline styles attributes, the website below can be used as a reference.


See the Inline Styling (Inline CSS) section

  • Example a: <h1 style="color:blue">This is a Blue Heading</h1>
  • Example b: <p style="color:red">This is a red text paragraph</p>
  • Example c: <a href="" style="color:purple">This is a purple link with the underline because it is a link</a>

Tests can be made here: