Universal Profile/Career Center Overview

The Career Center provides employees the tools necessary to take a more active role in their career planning and career development within their organization. The Career Center is the employee's central location for managing their career mobility and development within the organization, which will contribute to higher retention and lower turnover rates. The employee can maintain their internal resume, specify their career preferences and career goals, determine and research their career mobility through career pathing, and conduct job searches to seek out opportunities from other areas of the organization. The employee can pursue internal development and training specific jobs, increasing their readiness for such jobs when those jobs become available.

Please contact Global Customer Support to request Career Pathing and Job Searching. To fully utilize Career Pathing and Job Searching, appropriate data must be entered into the application. Career Pathing and Job Searching rely completely on the Job Profile functionality.

  • For each Job profile, the related Jobs data must be completed in order to use Career Pathing.
  • For job profile matching, in both Career Pathing and Job Searching, appropriate job attributes and job competencies should be entered in to each Job Profile. This will require the use of Resume and Competency Management.
  • To facilitate career development, the Learning and Development Plan modules will need to be in use.

All these components should be in place to fully realize the functionality around Career Pathing and Job Searching.


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