Modular Offer Letters - Create Offer Letter Section

With Modular Offer Letters, you can create individual offer letter sections. The sections can be added to templates to address the general and specialized needs of your offer letters.

To access the Create Section page, click Create Section from the Offer Letter Template Management page.


Enter a name for the section, up to 50 characters.


Enter a description for the section, up to 500 characters.


Select the organizational unit (OU) availability from the drop-down. The availability setting determines who can view the section can be viewed once you select an OU for an offer letter template or for an offer letter.


Check Active to make the section active. Active sections are available to add to templates.

When Active is unchecked, the section cannot be added to a template.

Offer Letter Section Text

Create the section using the WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool provides configuration tools, such as images, fonts, colors, formatting, and tables. The recommended max image size is 750 x 750.

For images, you can add an image to a section by clicking the 'Image' option on the WYSIWYG editor and entering a URL for an image. To ensure images appear correctly, make sure the URL is accessible to the public and the images are stored in folders that are publicly available.

Insert Tags

You can add tags to the offer letter section. When the offer letter is viewed by the candidate and recruiter, the tag will display the actual information.


Click Save to save the offer letter section. If the section is active, it will now be available for use in offer letter templates.

Click Cancel to cancel creating the offer letter section.