User Preferences - Termination Reasons

Termination reasons enable organizations to track the reasons why employees are terminated, including whether the employee left the organization voluntarily or involuntarily. Termination reasons are pre-defined with default names and categories so that specific functionality can be associated with termination reasons within the system. Although the system uses pre-defined termination reasons, administrators can configure the termination reason names to match their organization's terminology.

Termination reasons can only be selected for a user when their user status is set to Terminated.

The availability of this section is controlled by a backend setting. In addition, the Termination Reasons section is only available to administrators who have permission to manage termination reasons within User Preferences.

To access the User Preferences page, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > User Preferences. Select the arrow to the right of a section name to expand the section.

Termination Reason - Add

To add a new termination reason, click the Add button. This opens the Add Termination Reason pop-up. See User Preferences - Termination Reason - Add/Edit.

Default Involuntary Termination Reasons

The following involuntary termination reasons are available:

  • Conviction of a Crime
  • Deceased
  • Dishonesty/Falsification/Theft
  • End of casual employment
  • End of Contract
  • Forced retirement
  • Negligence
  • Offshoring
  • Policy violation
  • Poor attendance
  • Reduction in force/Layoff
  • Redundancy
  • Transfer
  • Unsatisfactory performance

Default Voluntary Termination Reasons

The following voluntary termination reasons are available:

  • Better Opportunity
  • Career Change
  • Company leadership
  • Declined offer
  • Education
  • Employee-job fit
  • Fail to return from leave
  • Inadequate Benefits
  • Inadequate Compensation
  • Job abandonment
  • Lack of Career Growth
  • Lack of Training/Development
  • Legally ineligible
  • Manager dissatisfaction
  • Medical
  • Move/relocation
  • Retired
  • Transfer
  • Work Location
  • Work Schedule

Termination Reason Table

The following information is displayed for each termination reason:

  • Termination Reason - Termination reasons are sorted alphabetically. If the reason name has been modified, then the modified reason name is displayed in this column. This is the termination reason name that is displayed on the User Record.
  • Termination Reason Category - This displays the system-defined category that cannot be modified.
  • Active - When a termination reason is active, it can be selected when creating or editing a user. If a termination reason is deactivated, the termination reason continues to be associated with the user. However, inactive termination reasons cannot be selected when creating or editing a user.

The following options may be available from the Options drop-down menu:

  • Edit - Select this option to edit the termination reason. See User Preferences - Termination Reason - Add/Edit.
  • Delete - Select this option to delete the termination reason. This option is not available if the termination reason has been associated with a user. A confirmation pop-up opens to confirm the deletion.