Recruiting and Onboarding Integrations

The Recruiting and Onboarding Integrations page enables administrators to manage custom Recruiting integrations. From this page, administrators can view, manage, and edit all custom integrations configured for their portal.

To access Recruiting and Onboarding Integrations, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit. Then, click the Recruiting and Onboarding Integrations link under General Recruitment.

The following information appears in the Integrations table for each custom integration:

Column Name Description
Name This column displays the name of the integration.
Description This column displays the description of the integration.
Application Workflow This column indicates whether or not the integration can be included in application workflows, either "Yes" or "No."
Applicant Status This column indicates whether or not the integration can be used in Applicant Statuses, either "Yes" or "No."
Onboarding Workflows This column indicates whether or not an integration provider is available for onboarding workflows. The column displays "Yes" if the an integration provider is available, or "No" if a provider is not available.
Active This column indicates the active status of the integration, either "Yes" or "No."

The following option displays in the Options column:

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the configuration settings for the custom integration.