Career Center Preferences

Career Center Preferences allow administrators to configure certain options for the Career Center by OU.

To access the Career Center Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Career Center.


Use the Tabs section to customize the tab names within the Career Center or Universal Profile - Bio page.

  • Tab Name - Set the tab names as necessary. The character limit for this field is 25.
  • Active - Make the tab active and available. If the tab is inactive, it does not appear to users. At least one tab must be active.
  • Translate - Localize the tab name into other available languages.

Applications Tab

For portals with the Recruiting module enabled, an Applications tab is available for Career Center. When the Applications tab is active in Career Center Preferences, the tab displays in Career Center, enabling internal applicants to manage tasks associated with their applications and view the status of their applications.

The tab can be renamed in the Tab column, up to 25 characters. The Active box can be checked or unchecked to activate or inactivate the tab. For portals with multiple languages enabled, click the Translate icon to translate the tab name into other available languages.


Use the Resume section to determine which sections on the Resume will be active for users in the OU. Each section defined in Resume Administration appears in the list of sections, including custom sections. See Resume Administration.

  • Active - Make the Resume section active. If this section is inactive, it does not appear on the Resume page.
  • Read Only - Make the section read-only. Read only sections cannot be modified by the user. By default, the Current Position and Internal Positions sections are read-only. If the administrator enabled the Allow users to enter their own position description option for the Current Position Section, then this section will not default to read-only. The read-only setting for the Internal Positions section cannot be modified.
  • Admin Read Only - If this option is selected, the corresponding Resume section cannot be modified. Because these preferences are set at the OU level, the Admin Read Only option applies to administrators within the corresponding OU.
  • Order - To reorder the sections within the Resume page, drag and drop the sections into the desired order.

Based on the Admin Read Only and Read Only option selections, the following scenarios are possible:

Read Only? Admin Read Only? Result
Yes Yes No user can update the corresponding resume section.
No Yes Only the end user can update the corresponding resume section.
Yes No Only the administrator can update the corresponding resume section.
No No The end user and administrator can update the corresponding resume section.

Competency Model

The Competency Model lets you attach a competency model to the Competencies section of the Resume for the OU. Users then have the option to add competencies from the selected model to their Resume. You can add a different competency model to each OU. If the Competencies section is active for the Resume, then a competency model is required to save the preferences.

To add a competency model:

  1. Click Search icon to select competency model, and then enter the appropriate search criteria. When selecting a competency model, you can only view and select a competency model if it is within the Admin Visibility settings for the competency model and if you have permission to view, edit, or manage competency models.
  2. Click the Add icon to add the competency model. If a behavior competency model is selected for the OU, then the option Display selected behaviors appears and will be checked by default. If checked, the selected behavior will appear on the user view of the resume when a behavior competency is added.

Career Preferences

All available questions, including custom questions appear. Newly added custom questions will not be set to active by default.

  • Active - Select this option to determine which questions are active and appear on the Career Center for users in this OU. If a question is set to inactive, then that question does not appear to the end user on the Career Center under Career Preferences. If any one of the standard relocation questions is checked, then the other standard relocation questions are checked automatically. If any one of the standard relocation questions is unchecked, then the other standard relocation questions are unchecked automatically.
  • Reorder the questions within the Career Preferences page - Drag and drop the question titles into the desired order.

Job Interest Categories

Th e Job Interest Categories section displays all of the available job interest categories created on the Job Interest Categories page. In order for The category must be selected as Active on the Career Center Preferences page to be active and available for users. Categories that are active on this page are available for selection by users.

Job Interest Categories are activated at the OU level, so only users within the affected OUs have access to the selected job interest categories.

Career Center Search Fields

The Career Center Search Fields section determines which additional fields are available as search criteria when searching for jobs within the Career Center.

To make a field available as a search criterion when searching for jobs within the Career Center, select the Active checkbox for the field.

This section is only available to organizations using the Recruiting module.

Overwrite Settings

Select this option to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs. If you overwrite custom settings for child division OUs, the selected settings are applied to both new and existing child OUs. Any previously customized child OUs are updated with the selected settings.

  • If there are no customizations to the child OU, then the parent OU customizations are applied to all child OUs.
  • Overwrite custom settings checkbox setting
    • If this option is selected, all child OU customizations are deleted from the database, which means the parent OU customizations will be applied to new and existing child OUs.
    • If this option is unselected, all existing child OU customizations will remain unchanged, and any new child OUs will inherit the parent OU customizations by default.
  • If a child OU has been customized to display any widgets, then regardless of the parent OU customizations, the child OU customizations are applied.
  • If a child OU has been customized to hide all widgets, then parent OU customizations will take precedence and will be applied.


  • Click Submit so save the changes.
  • Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes.