Competency Assessment Task - Create - Step 2 - Competency Model

To create a competency assessment task, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Competency Assessment Tasks. Then, click the Add Task link.

On the Competency Model step, enter the following information:

  1. Competency Models - Select one of the following options:
    • Add a Competency Model - Click to select a single model from a list of active Competency Models. A pop-up window appears with the organizations current models. Click the Add icon of the model name. This closes the pop-up window and adds the competency model to the list. When selecting a competency model, administrators can only view and select a competency model if they are within the Admin Visibility settings for the competency model and if they have permission to view, edit, or manage competency models.
    • Include all Competency Models with the selected availability - Select this to include competency models based on the type of OU selected. Every model associated with the OU type is dynamically assigned to end-users within a single task. If the assessment is user-defined you can allow assessees to select the competency model used.
  2. Assessment Order - Select one of the following options:
    • Group Competencies by the category type selected for the model - Select this option to display the competencies grouped by category in an assessment; this only applies to models where the competencies are grouped by category.
    • Display Competencies in order and not grouped by category type - Select this option to display competencies in the order defined in the competency model, not grouped by category.
    • Display all items within the Competency Model randomly - Select this option to display all items within a model in random order in an assessment, ignoring any categories or competencies in the model. This preference is not available for behavior-based models.
  3. Click Next to proceed to the Competency Preference step. See Competency Assessment Task - Create - Step 3 - Competency Preference.