Recruiting Approvals - Requisitions

The Recruiting Approvals - Requisitions page displays pending and past requisition approvals for which you are an owner. From this page, you can edit requisitions, communicate with requisition owners, approve/deny requisitions individually or as a batch, and view past requisition approvals.

The permission to approve requisitions, which is needed to access the Requisitions tab of the Recruiting Approvals page, is automatically assigned to users who are selected as approvers for the requisition. The permission cannot be manually added to a security role. Requisition owners can also access this page.

Note: Pending approvals only appear for an approver when it is their turn to make an approval decision. For example, if an approver is Step 3 in the approval workflow for the requisition, then the requisition does not appear on the Pending tab until Steps 1 and 2 in the approval workflow are completed.

To access the Recruiting Approvals - Requisitions page, go to Recruit > Recruiting Approvals > Requisitions.

Important Note: Navigating between the Pending and Past tabs does not save approval decisions and comments entered on the Pending tab. If you are on the Pending tab and have recorded an approval decision and entered comments, you must click Submit to save your decision and comments. If you navigate to the Past tab before clicking Submit, then your work will be lost.

Pending Tab

The Pending tab displays job requisitions that are pending an approval decision. By default, pending approvals are sorted by oldest submission date first. All columns are sortable.

Requisitions that require approval remain in a Pending Approval status until approved or denied by at least one approver or when the last approver in the approval workflow approves or denies it. Approved requisitions change to a status of Open; denied requisitions change to Denied.

Note: For a requisition to be changed from Pending Approval to Open, it must be approved by all approvers. If at least one approver denies the requisition, the status is changed to Denied.

A Comments drop-down arrow only appears next to the Approve/Deny button if 1) there are no pending requisitions on the Requisitions Pending Approval page or 2) a pending requisition is marked as either Approve or Deny.

Search Filters

When you access the Pending tab on the Requisitions page, the Requisition Approvals table displays the requisitions pending approval for which you are the owner. However, you can use the Search fields to filter the requisitions either by requisition name, owner, or both.

To search for a requisition:

  1. Enter the requisition name in the Requisition Name field. Both full and partial names can be searched. There is no character limit.
  2. Click the Select icon in the Owner field.
  3. The User Selection pop-up opens from which you can select a requisition owner. Only one owner can be selected and searched at a time.
  4. The search results display in the Requisitions Pending Approval table. Note: The results that display are dependent upon your permission constraints.

Requisition Approvals Table

The following columns display in the Requisition Approvals table:

Submit Approvals/Denials

Once you have made your selections, a Submit button appears below the table. Click Submit to process any approvals/denials and save comments.

Once submitted and there are no additional approvers, the requisition's status changes to Open. Denied requisitions change to a status of Canceled. Upon submission, the Requisition Approval Final Status email is triggered, if the email is configured in Email Administration.

If there is at least one additional approver in the approval workflow, the requisition is moved to the next approver in the workflow.

Pending Re-Approval

If edits are made to an approved requisition that has an approval workflow, the requisition changes to a status of Pending Re-Approval.

To re-approve a requisition:

  1. Navigate to the Pending tab on the Requisitions page.
  2. Click the name of the requisition in the Job field.
  3. The Requisition Review page opens.
  4. At the top of the page, the Pending Changes table displays, highlighting each edit to the requisition. The table is expanded by default. The following columns display in the Pending Changes table:
    1. Field - Displays the name of the field to which edits were made.
    2. Current Value - Displays the value in the field prior to the edit.
    3. Pending Value - Displays the edits to the field.
  5. Click Next to navigate through the tabs of the requisition.
  6. Click Back to return to the Pending tab on the Requisitions page.

Past Tab

The Past tab displays all past approved/denied job requisition requests that are available for the approver to view. Past requisitions are sorted by most recent to least recent decision date. All columns are sortable except the Comments column.

Column Description

This column displays the display name of the requisition. Hovering over the name displays the position title. Clicking the name opens the General step of the Edit Requisition page. All fields on the requisition are read-only, unless you are a requisition owner. Requisition owners that are also approvers can edit the Requisition Status field. Approvers can navigate through each page of the requisition by clicking Next.

To return to the Approvals page, click Back from the General step of the requisition. For requisition owners, click Save if you edited the Requisition Status field, which saves your changes and returns you to the Approvals page.

Note: Visibility of custom fields on the General step of the requisition depends on the field's Availability setting in Custom Field Administration.


This column displays the name of the requisition owner. Hovering over the owner's name opens a pop-up that displays the following:

  • Photo, if available; ghost image displays if no photo is available
  • Full name
  • Current position
  • Primary phone number
  • Email address link
Status This column displays the current status of the requisition.
Decision This column displays the approval decision, either Approved or Denied.
Decision Date This column displays the date on which the approver submitted the approval decision and also determines the sort order. If the Decision column displays "Notification Only," then no date appears in the Decision Date column.
Comments Click the View Comments link to open the View Comment pop-up. The pop-up displays the comment the approver entered for the approval decision.