Manage Candidates - Assign Forms

The Assign Forms feature is available from the More drop-down on Manage Candidates. A form can be assigned to one candidate at a time or to multiple candidates at once.

Note: Forms can be assigned to candidates again only if the previous assignment is completed.

To assign a form:

  1. Navigate to Recruit > Manage Candidates.
  2. Check the box to the left of the candidate name.
  3. Select Assign Form from the More drop-down. This opens the Assign Forms flyout. Each candidate's name appears in the recipients list at the top of the flyout. Note: You can also assign forms from the applicant carousel by clicking the Assign Form link on the carousel page.
  4. Select a form from the Available Forms section. The only forms that display are forms that are within your availability.
  5. Click Submit. A confirmation message will appear indicating whether the invitation was sent successfully.

Submitting the form also triggers the Assign Applicant Form email notification, if enabled and active in Email Administration. This email lets the candidate know they have been assigned the form.

Forms are available to candidates from their My Profile page. From there, they can launch and complete the form.