Interview Status Type - On Demand Video Interview

An on demand video interview is a video interview that the applicant conducts on their own time using HireVue. The applicant is displayed a list of questions, which they answer by recording themselves responding to the questions in HireVue. Once the applicant completes the video interview, the interviewers can access the video and review the applicant's responses.

Status change emails can be configured for the Interview status type panel. See Status Change Emails.

Note: The ability to conduct video interviews is controlled by backend settings that are disabled by default. To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support.

Note: If the panel was configured for the template selected on the General tab for the requisition, then the default configurations display in the panel on the Applicant Review tab.

To access Manage Job Requisitions, go to Recruit > Manage Requisitions.

Interview Type

Select the On Demand Video Interview type from the drop-down in the Interview Type field. When this option is selected, the Create Interview button displays.

Note: The "On Demand Video Interview" option may have already been selected in the Interview Type field on the requisition template.

Create Interview

Click Create Interview to configure the On Demand Video interview. This opens HireVue from which you can select questions for the interview. Note: You must have a valid email address and a HireVue account in order to create an interview in HireVue.

Once the interview is created in HireVue, the Create Interview button in the Interview status type panel changes to Edit Interview. You can click the Edit Interview button to open HireVue and edit the interview.

Add Video Interview Reviewers

Interviewers are added to the Video Interview Reviewers table by clicking the plus icon to the right of Add Video Interview Reviewer(s). This opens the Add pop-up. The pop-up displays the interviewers that were added to the Applicant Interviewer(s) section on the General tab. Click the plus icon to the left of each interview reviewer you would like to add. Then, click Done. The interview reviewers are added to the Video Interview Reviewers table.

Note: Interview reviewers only display in the Add pop-up if interviewers are defined in the Applicant Interviewer(s) section of the General tab for the template. Interviewers that are added to the Applicant Interviewer(s) section are not automatically added to the Video Interview Reviewers table. Interview reviewers must be added manually using the Add Video Interview Reviewer(s) feature.

Note: The same interview reviewer can be added to multiple Interview type status panels.

Note: On Demand Video interview reviewers must have a valid email address. If a valid email address is not defined for one or more interview reviewers, then an error message displays when the Save button is clicked to save the requisition template or when the administrator attempts to navigate to another tab.

Video Interview Reviewers Table

The Video Interview Reviewers table displays the interviewers and the option to remove interview reviewers.

The following information appears in the table:

Column Name Description

Click the Trash Can icon to the left of the interview reviewer's name either in the Video Interview Reviewers table or in the Add pop-up. This removes the interview reviewer from the table.

Note: When removing interview reviewers from the Add pop-up, click Done to complete the removal action.

Name This column displays the name of the interview reviewer.