My Team - Award Off-Cycle Compensation

This link will only appear if at least one off cycle compensation task is available to the manager through the off cycle task availability.

To award off-cycle compensation:

  1. Click the My Team tab.
  2. On the left, you will see your ID card as well as the ID cards of your direct reports. Click the ID card of the appropriate direct report.
  3. In the module to the right, select the Activities tab and then click the Current sub link.
  4. Click the Action drop-down list and select Award Compensation. A popup will appear listing all off-cycle compensation tasks that are available to the manager.

  1. Pick a task from the list and you will be directed to the Award Compensation page. If a task is already initiated for that employee and currently not completed, then the link for that task will be not be clickable. See My Team - Award Compensation.
  2. Once the task is initiated, it will appear in the manager's Action Items list if the off cycle task is saved and not submitted. The task will also appear on the manager's scheduled tasks page.