My Team - Action Items

The Action Items page displays all approvals and tasks assigned to the manager for each direct and indirect report. This allows the manager to see all approvals and tasks that they have to complete for their direct and indirect reports in one view. The action items list on the workspace panel will display all pending tasks and approvals (training, development plans, goals, peers) required for the manager for all direct and indirect reports. All tasks and approvals are grouped by direct and indirect reports.

  • For each direct report, approvals are listed first and then tasks. For each item listed, an icon appears to the right of the title indicating the type of approval or task.
  • The manager can click on the name of any direct or indirect report listed on the action item panel. This action directs the manager to the workspace panel of the direct report.
  • Once an item is approved/denied or a task is completed for a direct or indirect report, the approval/task no longer appears on the Action Items page for the direct or indirect report.

Training Items

  1. Click on Approve/Deny link ( approval page will be displayed).
  2. Approve, defer or deny training.
  3. Click Submit.

Peer Approvals

  1. Click on name of peer ( pop-up will appear).
  2. Approve or deny the peer.
  3. Click Submit.


See My Team - Approving or Denying Goals.

Performance Reveiws

See Performance Review Summary.

Development Plans

  1. Click the Approve/Deny link.
  2. The manager can edit the plan, add objectives, learning objectives, action steps, or comments.
  3. Approve or deny the development plan.


  1. Click on Start or Continue link ( approval page will be displayed).
  2. Approve or deny the development plan.
  3. Click Submit.