Purchase by Proxy Overview

The Purchase by Proxy functionality allows administrators to purchase learning objects on behalf of a user using all types of payment methods. The Shopping Cart must be enabled to utilize this functionality.

For reporting purposes, items purchased by proxy appear as though they were purchased by the user. The purchase is listed on the user's Order History page.

If an inventory purchase is used, it is the administrator's responsibility to ensure the user has the inventory permission. If the user does not have the inventory permission, they cannot assign the inventory training.

See Create Purchase by Proxy.


  1. To initiate a Purchase by Proxy, the user contacts the administrator to register for a learning object.
  2. The user then informs the administrator which LO they would like. Note: The LO availability is based on the user's LO constraints.
  3. The administrator clicks the Proceed to Checkout option and purchases the LO.

During checkout, the user's payment preferences and LO availability are enforced.


The following email trigger is available via Email Management in the Billing category:

Shopping Cart Purchase This email is triggered when a shopping cart purchase is made. This email can be sent to the shopping cart owner or the purchase actor. Billing