User Record - As Of - Effective Date

The As Of date for a user record indicates the effective date and time of the record that is currently displayed. If the administrator edits the user record, then the modifications are effective as of the selected effective date. This value is displayed in the time zone of the user whose user record is being viewed.

When editing a user record, the As Of date and time is displayed to the right of the page heading. This enables administrators to quickly view the effective date of the information they are viewing.

This value is only displayed if Cornerstone HR and Effective Dating are enabled. Also, this value is only displayed if the administrator has permission to manage effective dating. This value does not display when creating a user record.

Add User to Group as of Now

CHR administrators can add users to groups "as of now," meaning the date and time the user was added to the group is recorded as the date and time the user added them to the group. It is NOT possible to add users to a group as of a specific date in the past or future.

See User Record - Effective Dating.