Career Path Details Page

From the career path details page, you can learn more about the historical successions of that career path and the recommended development actions for that career path to take place for a potential successor. See the number of successors and how long it has historically taken to reach the goal position. Find the training and competencies needed throughout the career path, as well as certifications and the total number of expected training hours.

To access the career path details page, click the Analyze button on the career path search results page.

Start/Goal Position

The starting position and the goal position display at the top of the page.

Return to Previous Page

Click the back button to return to the career path search results page.

Number of Past Successors

This is the total number of past successors in the goal position. You can view the details for all successors by clicking the number of successors. This opens a pop-up that displays the successors and the number of years it took to reach the goal position. The list displays in order of the shortest amount of time to succession.

Years to Succession

This is the average number of years to succession to the goal position based on the total successors.

Successors Chart

The bar chart at the top shows a historical view of all past successors that made the transition from the starting position to the end position in the career path.


The x axis represents the number of past successors. The y axis groups the data by how many years it took successors to succeed from the starting position to the goal position.

View Successors in Each Group

Click a bar on the chart to view the successors within that group. A pop-up opens to display the past successors, their current position, and the total number of years to succession. If a successor is no longer with the company, then "Inactive Employee" displays in place of the current position name.

Total Development Actions

This section displays the total development actions in each category for all of the transition positions. Click the linked actions to view a pop-up with details of the actions, such as training and certification titles.

Position-Specific Development Actions

The positions in the career path display in ascending order from starting position to goal position and include the actions that need to be taken in order to get to that position.

To view the development actions for each position, expand the position. Types of development actions may be online courses, events, certifications, competencies to achieve.

The number of training items, certifications, competencies, and total training hours appears above the detailed development actions. You can scroll through the actions to view each action.