Self Service Form Submissions - Configure Availability

The Configure Availability page allows administrators to enable or disable the self service functionality. In addition, administrators can configure the self service availability settings for the form, as well as access the form's deep link.

To access the Configure Availability page, click the Configure availability link on the Self-Service Form Submissions page. See Self-Service Form Submissions.


This section requires administrators to define the availability settings for the form. Select an organizational unit (OU) from the Select OU Criteria drop-down, or define individual users to whom the form will be available. For users who do not meet the availability criteria, the form is not available for searching in Global Search.

Proxy Availability

Form completion by proxy allows users to fill out forms on behalf of other users. To enable this option, click Add Section, and select options in the Availability and Proxy Completion areas.

Self Service Completion Link

This section displays the deep link for the form. Highlight and copy the link to use the link for deep linking. The link location not available until the form is published.

Save/Save and Continue/Cancel

  • Click Save to save the settings.
  • Click Save and Continue to move to the next step.
  • Click Cancel to cancel changes to the settings.