Edge Import - Manage Data Load Configurations

A configuration is a template that describes the data you want to import and how the system should interpret, validate, and import the data. The Configurations page enables you to create and manage your organization's data load configurations.

To access the Manage Data Load Configurations page, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Then, select the Configurations button.

Create New Configuration

To create a new data load configuration, select the New Configuration button. This opens the New Configuration flyout, which guides you through a multi-step process to create a new configuration. See Edge Import - Create Data Import Configuration.


To filter which configurations are displayed in the table, select the Filters button. This opens the Configurations Filter flyout. The following options are available:

  • Category and Type - Select an option to view only configurations of the selected category and type.
  • Filter by Owner - Select a user to view only configurations for which the selected user is the owner.
  • Only show configurations used in feeds? - Select Yes to view only configurations that are used in a data feed. Or, select No to view all available configurations.

Select the Apply button to apply the selected filters to the Loads list.

Configurations List

The page displays all configurations that match the selected filters, if applicable. The following information is displayed for each configuration:

  • Category and Type - This displays the category and type that is associated with the configuration.
  • Name - This displays the name that was provided when the configuration was created.
  • Last Used - This displays the last time the configuration was used in a data load. Date and time are displayed in UTC timezone.
  • Owner - This displays the name of the user who created the configuration.

Select the data load configuration to view the Configuration Details page. See Edge Import - Configuration Details Page.