Referrals Widget

The Referrals widget is used to feature Smart Referrals on the Welcome Page and custom pages. The widget allows administrators to feature open requisitions to encourage employee referrals. Users can view the job details and refer the job directly from the Referrals widget.

Add Widget

The Referrals widget is available from the Widgets section. To add the widget, drag the widget from the Widgets carousel to the panel.

The following information displays in the widget:

  • Instructions - The widget instructions displays above the referrals table. The instructions are defined on the Widget Settings pop-up, as noted in the Widget Settings section below.
  • Job Title - This column displays the title of the job requisition.
  • Location - This column displays the location of the job.
  • Bonus - This column displays the referral bonus amount.
  • Refer Job - This column displays the Refer Job link. When users select the link, the Refer Job page opens. This page allows users to view the job details and select from the available referral options to refer the job.

Widget Settings

The following settings are available when selecting the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the widget:

  • Title - The default widget title is Referrals. To change the title, enter a different name in the field, up to 100 characters.
  • Items to Show - Select the maximum number of items that should appear in the widget, between 1 and 10. The default number is 3.
  • Instructions - Enter instructions for the widget, up to 150 characters.

Click Save to save the settings. Or, click Cancel to close the pop-up without saving the settings.

Delete Widget

The widget can be deleted by selecting the Delete icon in the upper-right corner of the widget. This removes the widget from the Welcome or custom page.


Additional configuration options are available from the Options drop-down. For detailed information about configuring the additional options widgets for Welcome and custom pages, see the Custom Page Builder - Configure Layout topic in Online Help.