Formatted Message Box Widget

The Formatted Message Box widget is identical to the HTML widget with the exception that it has a Title field at the top.

Note: Because of the security risks associated with JavaScript, it is disabled in this editor by default. To embed JavaScript within this widget, contact Global Customer Support. Global Customer Support does not troubleshoot Java or HTML issues.

In the first field, enter the widget title that is displayed at the top of the widget on the page. The character limit for this field is 100. Changes to the widget title only affect the page you are editing. All other pages within the portal are unaffected. For portals with multiple languages enabled, click the Translate icon to localize the widget title into other available languages. If no translation is provided for a language, the widget title is blank when viewed in that language.

See HTML Widget for information on using the HTML editor.

Click Save to save the widget settings and add the widget to the Layout frame. The widget can be added more than once.