Training Capabilities - Content Skills Tagging

Content Skills Tagging allows administrators to leverage Cornerstone's AI to have their learning catalog auto-tagged with skills from the Cornerstone Skills Graph, leverage Reporting 2.0 to review tagged skills, and update the tagging in bulk via Edge Import. This is accomplished via a new Content Skills Tagging tab on the Capabilities Preferences page.

Once enabled, Content Skills Tagging auto-tags the following training types by using their title, description, keywords, and subjects to detect relevant skills:

  • Online courses
  • Online content
  • External content
  • Materials
  • Videos
  • Curricula
  • Events
  • Tests


Full-portal content skills tagging is triggered when:

  • An administrator enables Content Skills Tagging on the enablement page
  • Cornerstone makes an update to its skills-detection model

The auto-tagging process always preserves skills that were tagged or rejected by an administrator.

After full-portal content skills tagging occurs, Content Skills Tagging will continuously tag additional individual trainings which get added to the portal, and when updates are made to individual training that affect the fields that impact skills detection.


This functionality can be enabled via self-activation in Capabilities Preferences. See Capabilities Preferences - Content Skills Tagging.

Enabling Content Skills Tagging will cause the following features to also appear for system administrators to support Content Skills Tagging:

  • LO Capabilities load in Edge Import which can be used by administrators to easily add or reject skills that were tagged to each training.
  • Training Capabilities fields in Reporting 2.0 which can be used to review skills that were tagged to training in the Course Catalog.


The following new permissions are granted to the System Administrator security role when Content Skills Tagging is enabled in the portal, and are applicable to this functionality:

Reporting - Learning - Training Capabilities - Manage Grants ability to create and manage Training Capabilities reports via Reporting 2.0. Reporting
Reporting - Learning - Training Capabilities - View Grants ability to view Training Capabilities reports via Reporting 2.0. Reporting