Capabilities Preferences - Content Skills Tagging

Content Skills Tagging can be enabled in your portal via self service. Once Content Skills Tagging is enabled in the portal, the Training Capabilities report and the Learning Object (LO) Capabilities load are also activated.

To activate Content Skills tagging, go to: Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Preferences and click the Content Skills Tagging tab on the left side of the page.

Configuration Setting

The configuration setting enables administrators to choose whether skills detected from machine learning are automatically tagged to the LO or only marked as ‘Suggested’. It affects the status shown on the Training Capabilities report in Reporting 2.0, what skills are shown on the Course Console, and which LOs are shown as results in the Related Learning widget and Search's Skills filter.

If the configuration setting is set to Yes, automatically tag my content with skills (Recommended), the detected skills are automatically added to an LO. If the configuration setting is set to No, I would like machine learning to only suggest skills for my content, the detected skills are saved as ‘Suggested’ for an LO. Select an option and click ENABLE AND RUN Now. It enables Content Skills Tagging which cannot be undone once enabled.

You can change the configuration setting later to trigger a re-tagging of your portal’s content and update the status of your skills from Auto-tagged to Suggested, or vice versa. The change takes up to 24 hours.

However, you can also refresh skills tagged to content by clicking Run Now without changing the configuration setting. It refreshes the skills tagged to content when troubleshooting is required or when new skill equivalencies are added.

When tagging is initiated, the Content Skills Tagging Configuration page is disabled for 24 hours, while the catalog is tagged with skills.


  • If the configuration is set to No, I would like machine learning to only suggest skills for my content, the LOs shown in the Related Learning widget and the Skills Filter for Search are only impacted by administrator-tagged skills.
  • As Suggested Skills do not influence the Related Learning widget or the Skills filter, the onus falls on the administrator to tag content with skills manually if they select the configuration No, I would like machine learning to only suggest skills for my content.
  • A customer’s custom skills are only considered in Content Skills Tagging if they are marked as equivalent to a Skills Graph skill,See Capabilities Library - Create/Edit Capability.

Note: Regardless of the configuration, administrators may continue to manually add skills to LOs via Edge Import.