Capabilities Library - Manage Capabilities

Capabilities describe what a person can do or what they know. The Capabilities Library enables administrators to view, create, and edit capabilities. Once capabilities are available, users can add them to their profile as skills they have or skills they would like to develop.

To access the Capabilities Library, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Library.

Create Capability

To create a capability, select the Create button. See Capabilities Library - Create/Edit Capability.

Edit Capability

To edit an existing capability, select the Edit link for the appropriate capability in the Capabilities list. See Capabilities Library - Create/Edit Capability.

Search and Filter Capabilities

By default, all capabilities are listed by last modified date, with the most recently modified capabilities listed first.

  • To change the sort order, select the appropriate sort option from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • To search for a capability, enter the appropriate search terms or capability ID in the Search capabilities field and select the Magnifying Glass icon . Searching by ID only returns exact matches. For example, if an administrator searches for "27765," the results will not return SKL-27765; the results will only include a capability with an ID of 27765.

To filter which capabilities are displayed, select the Filters link. A Filters flyout opens. In the Filters flyout, the following options are available:

  • Clear All / Select All - Select these links to either select all available Status and Source options or to remove all selections.
  • Category - Type a category to view capabilities associated with the selected categories. Select the Include child categories option to view capabilities associated with the selected category and any of the category's subcategories.
  • Status - In this section, select one or more statuses to view only capabilities in the selected statuses. By default, Draft and Active are selected.
  • Source - In this section, select one or more sources to view only capabilities from the selected sources. By default, all sources are selected.

Capabilities List

The following information is listed for each existing capability:

  • Status - This indicates the status of the capability (e.g., draft, active, inactive). Only active capabilities can be added to user profiles or used in new ratings. Statuses can be modified in the action menu on the right side of the page.
  • ID
  • Name - This displays the name that was given for the capability when it was created or modified. If a custom skill is not linked to a skill in the Cornerstone Skills Graph, then a "Not Linked" tag is displayed next to the skill name on the Manage Capabilities page. Administrators can click the tag to edit the capability. This enables administrators to easily identify any unlinked skills and link them appropriately.
  • Source - This displays how the capability was added to the system.
    • Cornerstone Application - This indicates that the capability was added manually by an administrator from within the system.
    • Cornerstone Skills Graph - This indicates that the capability was automatically added as part of Cornerstone's Skills Graph.
  • Created - This displays the date on which the capability was created and the administrator who created it.
  • Modified - This displays the date on which the capability was last modified and the administrator who modified it.