Wage Types Administration

With the requirement to pay employees in multiple wage types, and organizations moving into different international marketplaces, the demand to meet the pay requirements of each country is ever increasing.

Administrators can use the Compensation Wage Types pages to view, edit, create, and localize wage types based on the organization's needs.

To access the Manage Wage Types page, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT > WAGE TYPES.


Create Custom Wage Types

To create custom wage types, select the Create wage type button. See Create/Edit Custom Wage Types.

Edit Wage Types

To edit wage types, select Edit. See Create/Edit Custom Wage Types.

View Wage Types

To view wage types, select View.

Enable Wage Types

To enable a wage type, click the toggle in the Status column. Note: Wage types cannot be disabled once they are enabled.

Localize Wage Types

To localize wage types, open the Edit panel, and then click the globe icon next to the appropriate field.