View Wage Types

Administrators can use the Manage Wage Types page to view the details of an existing wage type.

To access the Manage Wage Types page, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT > WAGE TYPES.

View Wage Type Details

To view wage type details, click View on the Manage Web Types page. The view flyout opens.

You can view the following fields:

  • Status - The current status of this wage type. Options are Enabled or Disabled.
  • General Information
    • Name - The name of this wage type.
    • Description - The description of this wage type.
    • Code - The system-generated unique identifier for this wage type.
  • Annual Equivalency
    • Name - The amount of units an employee works in a given year for this wage type. If the employee is paid monthly and works 12 months in a year, then the Annual Equivalency name is Months and the Annual Equivalency amount is 12.
    • Default Value - The amount of units an employee works in a given year. Note: In previous versions, this field was named Default Annual Equivalency.

Edit/Done Buttons

  • Click the Done button on the flyout to return to the Manage Wage Types page.
  • Click the Edit button to open the Edit Wage Type flyout panel. Note: The Edit button is only visible for enabled custom wage types. Only the Default Value field is editable. See Create/Edit Custom Wage Types.