Setting Availability Overview

Setting Availability defines which users have the ability to view and access particular learning objects and tools within the system. All Learning Objects - Courses, Events, Sessions, Tasks, Development Plan Templates, Knowledge Bank Topics, Curricula, Announcements, Materials and Proxy Enrollments utilize the Availability tool to delineate who is to have access to specific instances of each. As with all other administrative aspects of Cornerstone, Availability is set by Organizational Units (Division, Position, Location, Cost Center, Grade, Users, and Groups). Availability tools ensures that your users will see only those aspects of the system that are truly relevant to them. This process of pre-filtering enables easier and more customized searching, requesting, and assigning by both managers and administrators.

  1. Go to Availability Selection Criteria drop-down menu in functional area that requires availability
  2. Select OU type from the Select Criteria drop-down.
  3. Click Search icon to select the specific OU
  4. Search OU's by Name, Owner, or ID. Enter full or partial information and click Search
  5. View Results
    1. If over 10 results returned
      1. Click <<Previous or Next >> to view other pages
      2. Select range to view from record # drop-down list
  6. Select OU by clicking Add icon
    1. If selecting more than one OU within the same OU type
      • Click Add icon to add another OU to the selected list within the same pop-up
      • If OU name has already been selected, the Add icon will be replaced by N/A.
  7. If necessary, Create New Group
    1. For more information on creating a group, See - Create Groups.
    2. Select New Group
  8. Click Done to add OU to availability list
  9. Define settings for selected OU's
    1. Check Include Subordinate to make the learning object (LO) available to the selected OU, as well as is its subordinate OU's
    2. Check Pre-Approved to exempt these OU's from requiring approval for the LO
    3. Check Register Upon Approval to automatically register the selected users in the training, thereby allowing them to bypass the register link on the transcript
    4. Select Required or Suggested to display the LO in the Suggested Training section of the Welcome Page or in the Required Training section of the User Transcript
    5. Select a Training Form to be included with this LO if desired

Helpful Hints - Availability within the Catalog Manager

  • Append - If availability has already been set for training, an administrator can go in and add to the availability by selecting the append button, select the appropriate OU and then clicking on Submit.
  • Replace - If availability has already been set for training, an administrator can go in and remove that availability setting and replace it with another. The Admin will select the replace button, select the appropriate OU and then click Submit. This will remove the particular training from the previous OU's and make it available to the new set of OU's.

Helpful Hints - Availability Details

  • Pre-Approved - If this is checked, the approval process is skipped (if there is one in place). The user will not have to gain approval from the Manager or Approver in order to register for the learning object.
  • Register Upon Approval - If this is checked, the registration process is skipped. The user will not have to click on the Register link on the transcript in order to register for training; once requested and approved, the user is automatically registered for the learning object.
  • Include Subordinate - If this is checked availability will be set for the employees in the parent OU as well as its children OU's.

Helpful Hints - Legacy Availability

  • When an administrator sets availability and is constrained to specific Organizational Units you will see Legacy Availability and will not be able to change or set availability outside of your specific permissions/constraints. This can be overridden by a system administrator without these constraints.