Configure Questions Within an Evaluation Section

When creating or editing an evaluation, administrators can reorder, configure, and preview the questions that have been added to an evaluation section.

Before this step, you must first create an evaluation, add sections to that evaluation, and then add questions to the section. See Evaluation Administration.

To add a question to an evaluation section, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Evaluations. Then, select the appropriate evaluation type on the left navigation panel. Select the Create New Evaluation link. Add a section to the evaluation. Then, select the Add Question icon in the Options column for the section. This opens the Search Questions pop-up.

After adding questions to an evaluation section, the following options may be available:

  • Reorder Questions - You can reorder the questions by changing the number in the Order column.
  • Response Required - Select this option to require users to answer the corresponding question. This option is not available for Level 2 - Scored evaluations. This is because these evaluation types behave similar to a test. If the learner does not answer the question, they do not receive points towards the score.
  • Preview - In the Options column, select the Preview icon to view the question.
  • Edit - In the Options column, select the Edit icon to edit an existing question. Note: If a question has already been answered by a user, you cannot change the response type or format of the question; you may only edit the spelling or phrasing. The response type drop-down will be inactive, and the links to add response choices or sub-questions will not appear. Editing a question changes that question in all tests the question has been used. A best practice is to make changes to the grammar or correct errors but not change the meaning or structure of the question.
  • Remove - In the Options column, select the Remove icon to remove the question from the section.