Curriculum Child Training - Retain Due Date Upon Removal

Administrators can enable a preference that will cause the due date of completed training items within one or more curricula to be retained when the curriculum is removed from the user's transcript.

Use Case

Curriculum.A includes the following child training items:

  • Training.A (version 1) - Due March 30th
  • Training.B (version 1) - No due date

Curriculum.B includes the following training items:

  • Training.A (version 1) - Due March 20th
  • Training.C (version 1) - No due date

See the table below for expected due date behavior of the child training items when the preference for child training items to retain their due dates upon removal is enabled in the portal:

Date Action Due Date of Training.A (v.1) in Curriculum.a on Training details page Due Date of Training.A (v.1) in Curriculum.b on Training details page Due date of Training.A (v.1) on Training Details Page
March 10th Curriculum.A is assigned to a user March 30th N/A March 30th
March 15th The user completes Training.A (version 1)      
March 18th The user is removed from the user group of the assignment March 30th N/A March 30th
March 20th Curriculum.B is assigned to the user, and the Maintain Progress option is turned on for the assignment March 30th March 20th March 30th


Due date restoration is applicable under the following conditions:

  • The due date is configured at the child training level within the curriculum structure​
  • In cases where the child learning objects (LOs) are within more than one curriculum, both child LOs are the same version​
  • If the child training was assigned via the Learning Assignment Tool (LAT), the Maintain Progress option was turned on for the learning assignment ​

This enhancement applies to the following transcript statuses:​

  • Completed ​
  • Completed Equivalent​
  • Exempt​


This due date logic can be activated via the Activate Retention of the Applicable Due Date for Child Training Object Upon Removal option on the Learning Feature Activation Preferences page. See Learning Feature Activation Preferences.