Create Tool - FAQ

Q: Do all organizations have access to the Create Tool?

A: The Create Tool requires that a license be purchased. Administrators should reach out to their Client Executive for more information on pricing. The Create Tool is only available in Production environments and is not currently available in Stage or Pilot.

Q: Can you export courses created in the Create Tool?

A: You cannot currently export courses created in the Create Tool. The courses will be contained only within Cornerstone.

Q: Is the course duration determined by the Create Tool?

A: Course duration must be manually defined in the Course Console after publishing.

Q: Is it possible to report on question responses?

A: It is not currently possible to report on question responses.

Q: What question types are available?

A: Multiple Choice is currently the only question type available.

Q: What format is the published course?

A: The published course is in a Cornerstone-specific AICC format.

Q: Can the course be reversioned, similar to other online courses?

A: Versioning is not currently supported.

Q: Can you input your own custom background?

Yes, you can customize the background for your courses.

Q: Can you input your own logo?

A: The logo may be customized to match your organization's corporate logo by submitting ticket with Global Customer Support. Please include the image URL or image file of the logo from your portal's Display Preferences page in your request. For more information about the Display Preferences page: See Display Preferences .