Course Console - Overview

Administrators have access to a Course Console page for each training item in the Course Catalog, which allows them to manage various aspects of a training item from one central location.

The following sections are available within the Course Console:

Use Case

Hallie is a Learning Administrator for a large company. Her main focus is on managing and delivering training to users in over 100 Organizational Units (OUs). This requires her to spend most of her work hours in the administrative areas of the Learning Management System.

She logs in to Cornerstone and navigates to the Learning Admin Console, where she is able to view all the training across her OUs, access her recently viewed pages, search for training, and create training. Hallie needs to assign one specific training item to users, but wants to confirm that evaluations are enabled for it. She searches for the training from the Learning Admin Console and is navigated to the Course Catalog search results page.

She clicks the title of the training she needs to manage. The system navigates her to the new Course Console, which allows her to manage all aspects of the learning object (LO) from one location. She’s able to see general metadata, insights, and what features are enabled for the training, including Availability, Emails, Evaluations, etc. She can also easily edit the LO, view its details, preview it, and create a learning assignment for the training.


The Course Console is not available for certifications, cohorts, external training, or sessions.

Some features of the Course Console are not available for Program LOs, as Program LOs do not support all the same features as other LO types.

Access Course Console

On the Course Catalog page, after conducting a search for training, click the title of the LO to access the Course Console for that LO. Note: The Course Console is only accessible to portals using Course Catalog New UI, with one exception. The Course Console cannot be accessed from the Course Catalog Old UI page, but the Course Console can be accessed for the four training items contained in the Popular Requests widget on the Learning Admin Console page. See Course Console - Details.