Course Console - Availability

Learning administrators can view and set availability for learning content via the Course Console page, allowing them to manage even more training metadata from one central location.

To access availability information for training content via the Course Console, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog and search for the specific training item. Then, click the title of the training item you want to edit.


The Availability section is located above the Training Over Time section of the Course Console. If no availability has yet been configured for the training item, "No Availability Selected" displays in the section, along with options for adding availability criteria. The following options are available for selecting criteria:

  • Select Users - Click Select Users button to search for and select organizational units (OUs) or groups for which to set availability. See the Select Users section below for more information.
  • All Users - Click this link to make the training available to all users in the system. See the All Users section below for more information.

Select Users

To configure availability for specific OUs or groups:

  1. Click the Select Users button. This opens a Select Users flyout.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the user criteria type. Available types include:
    • Cost Center
    • Division
    • Position
    • Grade
    • Group
    • Location
    • Position
    • Self Registration Group
    • Custom OUs
    • Users
  3. Use search fields to find the desired OU or users. Available filters differ for OUs and users:
    • OU search filters:
      • OU Title
      • OU ID
      • OU Owner First Name or Last Name
      • OU Description
    • User search filters:
      • User First Name or Last Name
      • User ID
      • Username
      • Manager's First Name or Last Name
      • Position
      • Division
      • Location
  4. Up to twenty search results display on each page of the Select Users flyout. To view additional pages of search results, click a page number or the navigation arrows near the bottom of the flyout.
  5. Filter the search results if needed.
  6. Each relevant user or OU appears in the search results as a tile with related information about the user or OU. If the OU has any child OUs, you can view them by clicking the arrow on the right side of the tile.
  7. Check the box on the left side of the tile for the user or OU you wish to add to the availability. You may switch between user criteria type using the drop-down and then multi-select as many OUs or users as needed.
  8. If you wish to review your selections before adding them to the training's availability, click the Selected tab at the top of the flyout.
  9. Click the Select button at the bottom of the flyout. Your selections will be added to the Availability section in alphabetical order. If more than five criterion are added to the Availability section, the Availability section becomes paginated, and up to five criteria can display per page.

All Users

To make the training available to all users in the system, click the All Users link.

Note: If an administrator selects All Users but their permission to update the Course Catalog is constrained, only users within the administrator's constraints are included in the availability for the training.

Availability Criteria

After searching for and selecting availability criteria, each OU, group, or separate user appears in the Availability section with the appropriate metadata and configuration options. The options shown are not the same for all training types, but the metadata and configuration options can include the following fields and options:

  • Name - The name of the selected OU, group, or user appears at the top of each criteria tile.
  • ID - The ID of the OU, if available
  • Type - The OU type (i.e. division, location, etc.)
  • Manager - The manager of the OU
  • Owner - The owner of the OU
  • Include Subordinates - Check this box to include the OU's child OUs in the availability for the training. Note: This option does not display when the All Users option is selected for the availability criteria.
  • Pre-Approved - Check this box to pre-approve users in the OU for the training item. Users in this OU will not need to receive approval from an approver prior to being able to register for the training.
  • Register Upon Approval - Check this box to automatically register users in the OU into the training.
  • Availability Type - Select an availability type from the drop-down menu:
    • None
    • Suggested - If the learning object is set to Suggested, it appears on the Welcome page under Suggested Training (if Suggested Training is active on the Welcome page).
    • Required - If the LO is set to Required, it appears on the Welcome page under Your Assigned Training or Required Training (if the Assigned Training widget or the Required Training widget is active on the Welcome Page). Note: Training set to Required is not actually assigned and must still be requested by the user.
    • Featured - If a learning object is set to Featured, the training item appears to the selected users in the Featured Training widget and also when users select Featured from the Training filter on the Browse for Training page.
  • Training Request Form - From the drop-down, select a Training Form to be attached to this LO, if appropriate. Visibility of this option is controlled by the permission to manage training request forms.

Note: When adding criteria to training, the criteria is limited by any constraints applied to the administrator's permission to update the Course Catalog. If constraints are applied to the administrator's permission to update the Course Catalog, a system notification appears when they add availability criteria, alerting them that their selections are limited by their constraints.

Search Added Criteria

Administrators are able to perform searches on sets of selected criteria. For example, if an administrator has added many specific users to the availability of a training item, they may wish to search for a specific user within the selected criteria to make changes to that user's availability configurations.

To search for specific criteria within your availability selections, enter a search term into the Search bar and press the Enter key on your computer. The selections in the Availability section will be filtered based on the entered criteria, and you can edit or remove criteria selections as needed. Ensure that you are viewing the Availability section in Edit mode if you wish to make changes to the criteria (See the Edit section below for more information).

Note: The Search bar is hidden if no availability criteria has been selected.


After configuring all availability criteria, click the Save button at the bottom of the Availability section. The availability criteria will be applied to the training. If you wish to cancel any changes you have made to the availability criteria before saving, click the Cancel button. Any changes you made will be reverted to the previous saved state.

After saving the availability selections, the criteria is converted to read-only format.


To edit the Availability section when criteria has already been saved, click the Edit link in the upper-right corner of the Availability section. The criteria is converted to an editable format, and criteria can be added and removed from the section.

Remove Criteria

If needed, you can remove criteria from the availability section by clicking the Delete icon in the upper-right corner of the specific criteria tile, or you can delete all existing criteria by clicking the Remove All link. These options are only available when the Availability section is in the editable format.