What's New for March '23

Safe Harbor Statement: Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other documents or public statements are not currently GENERALLY available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Cornerstone OnDemand applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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The following new features and enhancements are available for the March '23 release:

Content Anytime Features

Feature Name Description
Content Anytime - Q1 and Q2 Updates

Refreshes to Content Anytime and À La Carte subscriptions occur every month! New titles are added to libraries monthly, and removals occur quarterly. Content Anytime subscribers automatically receive their subscription refreshes.

Target dates for Q1 and Q2 refreshes are listed below. Please refer to the 2023 Content Refresh Calendar for the timing of refreshes for all of 2023.

  • January 6 - January 13: Additions Only
  • February 3 - February 10: Additions Only
  • March 10 - March 17: Additions and Q1 Removals
  • April 7 - April 14: Additions Only
  • May 5 - May 12: Additions Only
  • June 2 - June 9: Additions and Q2 Removals

Content Studio

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Content Studio

Yes, for existing Cornerstone Content customers. Content Studio is also available for purchase for non-content customers.

Content Studio is targeted to be automatically enabled with the March ’23 Release for US customers in LAX swim lanes with Content subscriptions, and in the March 31 post-release patch for global customers with Content subscriptions.

For this initial launch, Content Studio is not available for Life Science customers or customers located in swim lane 4. Content Studio is only available in Production environments.

Content Studio is a content discovery, curation, and insights platform that helps customers explore Cornerstone’s content offerings before making any purchasing decision. Prior to this feature, finding, procuring content from multiple vendors, and getting engagement on right content was challenging for an organization.

Content Studio helps in curating highly effective and engaging content along with insights to drive success. It is driven by AI powered search and consumption metrics which uses comprehensive filters to identify the best content that fits organizational needs. ​Content Studio is a companion application to Cornerstone CSX, and it can be accessed with a single click without having to manage a separate login.

Core/General Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Accessibility Enhancements Yes

The following accessibility enhancements are included with the March '23 Release:

  • Accessibility Enhancements - Learning
ADP Decidium Core Data Inbound Integration
  • Available in ADP French Marketplace
  • Available in Edge Marketplace for CDG, FRA, and LHR swim lanes
The new ADP Decidium Core Data Inbound Integration provides a one-way synchronization of users and organizational unit (OU) data from ADP Decidium to a Cornerstone portal.
Auto Suggestions for Search Yes, with latest version of app

With this enhancement, the search within the Cornerstone Learn app predicts the user’s query and provides suggestions as the user types. Up to 10 matching search results displayed when two or more characters are typed. Matching search text is highlighted in the suggested results overlay. When the user selects a suggested result, the user is navigated to the suggested page.

This functionality is not available during UAT.

Capabilities Experience Improvements Yes With this enhancement, small but meaningful improvements are made to the Skills interface and experience that provide visual cues and information, making interactions more intuitive and providing richer details about how the functionality works.
Capability Model Targets Yes With this enhancement, administrators can set proficiency level targets for all users or for specific organizational units. When capability model targets are set, users see targets in a table in the Skills Profile outlining their critical skills, proficiencies, targets, and status. In instances where a user is aligned to multiple models with different target levels, the highest proficiency target is shown.
Copy Down: Grant Access Rights to System Administrator of a Customer Portal Yes

With this enhancement, system administrators can more effectively view and manage their portal's copy downs. The new Copy Down administration page enables administrators to do the following:

  • View copy down records
  • View copy down details and blackout dates
  • Cancel copy down requests and provide a cancel reason
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe to email notifications
Cornerstone Learning Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation Available in Edge Marketplace

Cornerstone CSX currently has core (user and organizational unit) and single sign-on (SSO) integrations with ADP's Workforce Now. ADP will stop selling Workforce Now. This new integration provides a migration path for existing customers and provides integration solutions to new customers.

The ADP Workforce Now Next Generation Integration includes the following key features:

  • Cornerstone Learning Connector for ADP Workforce Now Next Generation
  • Cornerstone Learning Single Sign-on for ADP Workforce Now Next Generation

This integration is available as of February 14.

CSX “User Record as of a Date" Standard Report Deprecation N/A The "User Record as of a Date" Standard Report is being deprecated with the March ’23 Release. Customers are encouraged to use alternative reporting options that are currently available today.
CSX Custom Reports Deprecation N/A Phase 3, the final phase of the CSX Custom Reports deprecation, is occurring with the March ’23 Release. With Phase 3, all remaining access to custom report is removed. Customers can no longer use or migrate Custom Reports at all. Custom Report Dashboard widgets will also no longer be available, which means any published custom report widgets will be removed from Dashboards as well. Please review the Deprecation phases and their milestones at the end of this deprecation announcement.
Custom Login Page - Advanced Option in Colorblock Layout Yes With this enhancement, the Advanced Option section is included in the Colorblock layout to allow customers to add an SSO link as well as a Self Registration link when creating new custom login pages. Text, link text, and color can be customized for these SSO and Self Registration links.
Deep Links in the Learn App Yes, with latest version of app

With this release, Cornerstone Learn app users are taken directly to the relevant page in the Learn app when the following types of deep links are accessed using a mobile device:

  • Training Detail
  • Transcript
  • Launch and Register
  • Launch Training

This functionality is not available during UAT.

Default Email Address Settings - Option to Define Multiple Addresses Yes

With this enhancement, administrators have the option to define up to 10 default "From" and "Reply-To" email addresses in the Default Email Address Settings section of Corporate Preferences. Once defined, they can be selected when creating or updating an email in Email Administration and in Marketing Communications. Administrators can edit and delete default email addresses at any time.

This functionality is not available at the start of UAT.

Deprecation of User and Organizational Unit (OU) Loads and Feeds for Data Load Wizard (DLW) - March '23 Update N/A

Ability to perform Users and OU data loads and feeds using DLW was deprecated with an end-of-life in the May ‘22 Release for most customers. Some customers were excluded from the May ’22 deprecation schedule due to missing feature parity in Edge Import.

Most of the missing parity features those customers were dependent on became available in Edge Import with subsequent releases

Edge Import - Allow Update to Requisition Templates Created From UI Yes With this enhancement, administrators can now update any requisition template through Edge Import. Requisition Template ID and Requisition Template Reference IDs can be retrieved from Reporting 2.0 and used to update any requisition template.
Edge Import - Learning Load Enhancements (Training Loads) Yes With this enhancement, training loads are updated with new fields and functions.
Edge Import - Learning Load Enhancements (Transcript Loads) Yes

With this enhancement, additional functionality is added for updating transcript statuses using Edge Import.

  • Online Course Transcript Load - Previously, administrators could use this load to create transcript records in Failed status, and they could update transcript statuses from In Progress to Completed or Exempt. However, they could not update transcript statuses from In Progress to Failed. With this enhancement, administrators can update transcript statuses from In Progress to Failed.
  • ILT Transcript Load - Previously, the default value for the Pass/Fail field was Fail. With this enhancement, the default value for the Pass/Fail field is Pass. This default value is only applied if the Pass/Fail field is not mapped in the load configuration or for records in the loaded file that do not contain a value for the Pass/Fail field.
Edge Import - New Learning Load Type (Certification Transcript Update​) Yes With this enhancement, Edge Import now provides the ability to edit certification due dates, edit certification expiration dates, and archive or unarchive certifications in bulk via manual loads using Edge Import.
Edge Import Framework - Download Original File Uploaded Yes With this enhancement, customers can download the original file that they uploaded for an Edge Import data load. This option is available in the Load Details section of Edge Import. The name of the file is now a link so the file that was uploaded can be downloaded. The link to download the file is only available to the user who uploaded the file.
Goals in the Learn App Yes, with latest version of app

With this enhancement, support for Goals is introduced in the Cornerstone Learn app. App users can access their goals from the Home screen. The Goals page lists the user's goals with overall progress and weight details. Users can view goal details, including Tasks, Targets, Comments, and Attachments. Users can sort and filter their goals.

This functionality is not available during UAT.

March '23 Language Pack Updates Yes New updates to Cornerstone Language Packs and additional languages are available with the March '23 Release. Please visit the March '23 Language Pack Updates posting to review the full list of changes and their targeted availability in stage and production environments.
New Email Action Type for Skills Rating Feedback Requests Yes With this enhancement, a new Skills Feedback action type is available in Email Administration, and a new email trigger, “Skills Feedback Requested,” is available for this action type. When active, this email is triggered when a user requests skills feedback. This email can be configured as a reminder or a notification, and it can be sent to Rater (the person whose feedback is requested), Requester (the person requesting the feedback), or a specific user.
OK Button Removed from SSO Timeout, Logout, and Error Pages Yes With this enhancement, the OK button is removed from the SSO Timeout, Logout, and Error pages.
People Matrix - Manager Mode Yes A new People Matrix feature displays a group of users and their proficiency for a set of capabilities. Managers can configure which users and capabilities are included in the matrix.
Re-naming Cornerstone Learn App in July 2023 N/A Cornerstone will rename the existing "Learn" App to simply "Cornerstone" App in July 2023. Users of the app will be able to access select Cornerstone Performance features beginning with Goals in the March 2023 release. Additional features will be introduced in 2023 and beyond.
Reporting 2.0 - Additional Fields Yes

The following additions and updates have been made to Reporting 2.0 fields with this release:

  • Reporting Fields - Check-Ins
  • Reporting Fields - Competencies
  • Reporting Fields - Goals
  • Reporting Fields - Learning
  • Reporting Fields - Succession
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Add Parameters Hour, Minute, and Second to Function DATEADD Yes

With this enhancement, the DATEADD function now also supports the following time parameters: Hour, Minute, and Second.

Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Additional Validations Yes With this enhancement, additional validations are performed in the calculated field editor to ensure correctness and successful generation of reports with calculated fields.
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Convert Date and Time to User's Time Zone Yes With this enhancement, report owners can choose whether to display a calculated field date and time value as per the user’s local time zone or in UTC. A new Localized time zone toggle is added in the calculated field editor to convert date and time. The toggle is enabled by default, which applies the user’s local time zone by default. When the toggle is disabled, Reporting 2.0 applies UTC time zone to date and time values in the calculated field.
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Field Selection When Two Fields with Almost the Same Name Exist Yes With this enhancement, the calculated field now recognizes and includes the exact field that is selected by the report owner, even if the name of the selected field is nearly the same as another field.
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Nesting for Aggregate Functions Yes This enhancement enables report builders to nest one aggregated function within another, thereby allowing them to execute more calculation use cases directly in Reporting 2.0. Reporting 2.0 permits nesting aggregate functions up to one level so that report builders can use operations like CASE(GAVG), and IF(GMAX).
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: New Operators to Include Both NULL and Empty Strings Yes With this enhancement, report owners can now include both NULL and empty values while a creating a calculated field. They can also replace these values with preferred alternative values.
Reporting 2.0 - Chart Color Preferences for Shared Users in Reporting 2.0 Yes With this enhancement, report owners can share their defined chart color palette for a specific report with its shared users. You can do this by selecting the new Apply as default color palette for this report when shared checkbox in the color selection flyout and saving the report. When this option is selected, the report owner’s defined chart color palette is only applied to fields in the shared report, and it will not affect shared user’s color preference for same fields in other reports.
Reporting 2.0 - Include All or Only the Latest Version of a Training in a Report Yes With this enhancement, when selecting training to include in a Reporting 2.0 report, you can choose to include all versions of the training or only the latest version. It helps in producing more targeted reports and create a better user experience.
RTDW Updates to OData v4.0 Delta Objects Yes

Impacting only customers using Data Exporter API. New objects will be added that support the OData v4.0 Delta/Change Tracking capabilities for Data Exporter API, initially released in August '22. A consolidated list of Data Exporter API objects that currently support OData Delta/Change Tracking is maintained in the RTDW Documentation Community. Join and follow the community to be notified of new objects with Delta support.

RTDW Updates to Reporting API, RDW, Data Exporter, and Data Exporter API Yes

Impacting only customers using Reporting API, Replicated Data Warehouse (RDW), Data Exporter API, and Data Exporter, the Real-Time Data Warehouse (RTDW) categories may be impacted, deprecated, or break applications, scripts, or functionalities that are based on earlier versions of RTDW objects.

Documentation that describes RTDW views and fields used in Custom Reports will be updated for the March '23 Release and available in the RTDW Documentation for Reporting API, RDW, and Data Exporter Community. Join and follow the community to be notified of new posts.

Security Role Administration Enhancements Yes

The following enhancements have been made to Security Role Administration to help prevent inadvertent errors when creating and updating security roles:

  • The security role name is displayed when adding permissions to a security role
  • The permission name is displayed when adding constraints
  • "(Copy)" is displayed in the role name when copying an existing role
SOAP API Deprecation in 2023 Q4 N/A All Cornerstone SOAP APIs, except Transcript APIs (/webservices/LMS/LOWS.asmx), will be deprecated in Q4 of 2023. This will impact only a subset of API customers.
XLS to XLSX Output Format Upgrade - Most-Used Standard Reports Yes With the March ’23 Release, the most frequently used Standard Reports are now exported to excel as an .XLSX format.

Cornerstone HR Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
CSX “User Record as of a Date" Standard Report Deprecation N/A The "User Record as of a Date" Standard Report is being deprecated with the March ’23 Release. Customers are encouraged to use alternative reporting options that are currently available today.
Form Enhancements Yes

With this enhancement, two new Forms features are available:

  • Target User Name in Request Titles: When viewing a request, the target user's name is added to the Request Title.
  • "Personal Email Address field": "Personal Email Address" is added as a standard field when creating a form.
Form Management – Disable Form Fields in Reporting Yes With this enhancement, a new Include form in reporting option appears on the Manage Forms page. By selecting this option, administrators can decide per form if the response fields used in a form are reportable. Disabling form fields that are not in use anymore ensures that the number of fields reportable across forms stay below the system limit and ensures that form data updates correctly in reporting

Learning Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Ability to Reset Client ID and Secret for Webex Control Hub Yes, for all organizations using the Learning module with a Webex vILT integration using Control Hub. With this enhancement, administrators can now reset the Client ID and secret key to generate a new token.
Accessibility Enhancements - March 2023 Yes

With this release, the following accessibility enhancements have been included:

  • Color Contrast and Visual Cue Improvements
  • Improvements for Screen Readers
  • Improvements to Keyboard Navigation and Browser Focus

Some items will be released in a post-release patch.

Certifications - Dynamic Re-Enrollment Yes This enhancement allows a dynamic certification proxy to be configured with a new Dynamic Re-Enroll toggle. When this toggle is enabled, the dynamic certification proxy dynamically re-enrolls individuals who have been removed from a certification, allowing them to continue to work on the certification requirements. Enhanced auditing is available in modification history, proxy user history details, and approval history. New confirmation messages display when inactivating or activating a proxy enrollment or interacting with the dynamic re-enroll and dynamic removal toggles.
Create Tool Enhancements Yes

With this release, using the Create Tool, users can create interactive cards, add hints to Questions,change fonts, and export custom-built courses as SCORM 1.2.

Curriculum Player 2.0 – Milestone 2​ (Open Beta)
  • Must be enabled in Feature Activation Preferences.
  • If currently enabled in Stage, automatically enabled.
With this enhancement, Curriculum Player 2.0 provides a modernized user interface (UI) that allows for an intuitive, straight forward path to the steps needed to complete a curriculum.
Custom E-Signature Message for Sessions Must be enabled on the Default Training Completion Electronic Signature Preferences page. With this enhancement, if an e-signature message is added to an event in the catalog, this custom message will be presented to the learner for the session. This ensures relevancy and clarity for the Learners signing a session completion message.
Essential Transcript Data Deletion for Compliance (Early Adopter) No With this enhancement, Essential Transcript Data Deletion provides organizations the ability to automatically delete User Transcript Data based on a defined retention period for inactive users in accordance with various regulations, such the EU GDPR and the Right to be Forgotten policy.
Express Class Definable Training Time Yes

With this enhancement, learning administrators or training facilitators can define the actual time spent in training when submitting an Express Class, on both individual or bulk levels. Observed Training Hours and minutes can be defined for Express Class attendees, whose values can then be seen via the User Interface (UI) or in Reporting after completion.

ILT – New Roster (Open Beta) Yes

With this enhancement, the Attendance and Scoring tab is redesigned and provides the following new options:

  • A unified event and session summary. Administrator can always see which session they are managing from this page.
  • A consistent display of user information.
  • The ability to filter by learner status. 
ILT Roster – New User Interface (Early Adopter)
  • In Stage: This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations by default.
  • In Pilot and Production: Off by default for all customers. Turn on in Feature Activation Preferences.
With this enhancement, the ILT Roster user interface (UI) now has an modern look and feel! None of the functionality changes - the information is just clearer and modernized for ease-of-use.
Reporting Fields - Learning Yes

With the March '23 Release, new fields have been introduced to the Learning area of Reporting 2.0:

  • Training > Training Details fields have been added
  • Certifications fields have been added
SCORM 1.2 Embedded Videos to Play Full-Screen Yes With this enhancement, when the expand icon is clicked, SCORM 1.2 videos play in full screen.
Search Language Enhancements - March 2023 Yes

This enhancement improves search results and character recognition by utilizing new, specific analyzers for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese when the display language is set accordingly. In cases where special characters are used, search results are improved.

It may take up to 25 days for the update in functionality to be present in stage portals and up to 45 days for production portals.

Slack Integration (Learning in the Flow of Work) Available in Edge Marketplace Learners often juggle between many applications that they must use for their day-to-day work. To simplify this experience and encourage learning, Cornerstone CSX can now integrate with Slack. When an organization installs the integration, a Slack chatbot pushes training reminders to learners in Slack, an app that they are already using.
Stripe – Payment Gateway
  • Enabled in the Edge Marketplace by Service Enablement team once the product is purchased.
  • In Stage/Pilot, enable this payment processor via EDGE.

With this enhancement, Extended Enterprise customers can now use Stripe to process credit and debit card transactions in the portal.

Upgrade Excel Format of Exports in ILT (Early Adopter) Automatically enabled in Stage. To enable in Production or Pilot, contact. With this enhancement, Excel download options for the ILT sign-in sheet and Roster export are upgraded with the extension .xlsx to make downloads easier to use for administrators and instructors.
Versioning Redesign Enhancements (Open Beta) Automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module. Additionally, customers must self-enable the feature in Feature Activation Preferences in Stage Portal. With this enhancement, new Curriculum Versioning workflows provide consistent and reliable behavior when a Curriculum child Learning Object (LO) is versioned or Curriculum structured is modified simultaneously. The new workflows ensure that the Versioning and Assignment process happens correctly and consistently.​ Additionally, an icon is available on the Curricula Administration page that lets administrators know that versioning is still in progress if versioning happened through an administrator's structure changes.
View and Edit Test Versions with a Future Effective Date Yes

With this enhancement, the Test Engine list view displays Pending for test versions with a future effective date, along with who created them, their effective date, and what its structure contains. Administrators can check the structure to affirm its accuracy and modify if needed.

Performance Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Bulk Reopen Performance Review Steps (Early Adopter) Yes With this enhancement, a reviewer can reopen a review step for one or more reviewees at the same time and provide a reason for reopening the step. Note: Only one step can be opened at a time. Additionally, comments about why someone is reopening are visible in Review Task Central.
Check-Ins Usability Enhancements Yes

There are two new enhancements to improve the user experience and usability for Check-Ins users:

  • Launch skills feedback requests and ratings from Check-Ins.

  • Improved experience for administrators uploading guidance files to a template.

Check-Ins Meeting Statuses Yes With this enhancement, managers and employees can mark meetings complete or cancelled. This allows administrators to report on the use of Check-Ins in their organization.
Check-In Personal Notes Yes With this enhancement, users can create personal notes that are not visible to anyone except the writer of the note. This allows managers and users to create personal notes that they may want to refer to during the meeting or take personal notes during the meeting for future reference. Users can view or edit their previous notes at any time. The previous notes for the last three months are available by default.
Competency Experience Improvements Yes With this enhancement, administrators can manage Competencies and Observation Checklists after they are created and in use. Additionally, user's won't see trainings in which they are no longer enrolled.
Reporting Fields - Check-Ins Yes

With the March '23 Release, new fields have been introduced to the Check-Ins area of Reporting 2.0:

  • Check-Ins fields have been added
Reporting Fields - Competencies Yes This enhancement renames the “Competency Item Assessor ID” field to “Competency Item Anonymized Assessment ID.” The revised field name more clearly describes the value included in the output.
Reporting Fields - Goals Yes

With the March '23 Release, new fields have been introduced to the Goals area of Reporting 2.0:

  • Goals Targets > Targets fields have been added
  • Goals Tasks > Tasks fields have been added
Reporting Fields - Succession Yes

With the March '23 Release, new fields have been introduced to the Succession area of Reporting 2.0:

  • Succession Task fields have been added
Review Task Central (Early Adopter​) Yes

With this enhancement, the new Review Task Central provides reviewers an easy way to view, submit, and calibrate all their assigned steps in one location.

Additionally, a new upgraded, intuitive user experience provides clarity on what performance tasks are due and where to find them.

Skills in Performance Reviews (Early Adopter) Yes

With this enhancement, a new Skills Review section is added to Performance Reviews. The Skills Review section:

  • Integrates a users skills profile into performance reviews and updates the skills profile as part of a performance review task.
  • Allows a user's skill proficiency to be rated from within a review.
  • Allows manager/user to add custom questions to the Skills Review section.
Task Central – Bulk Submit (Early Adopter​) Yes With this enhancement, a new Bulk Actions page allows reviewers to see which reviews are ready to submit and the overall rating for those reviews.
Update Rating Scale in Review Tasks Yes

With this enhancement, administrators can edit the title and description of a Rating Scale on the Task Administration page. Once saved, the updates appear immediately on the Define Rating Scale page and users can see the updated ratings once they refresh the Review Task .pdf file.

Recruiting Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Broadbean Integration Location Data Enhancement N/A With this enhancement, the Location field in Broadbean is automatically populated with the location information provided in the requisition.
Deprecation of Data Load Wizard (DLW) Requisition Template Load with the November '23 Release N/A The ability to perform Requisition Template data loads using DLW will be deprecated with November ’23 Release. Support for DLW Requisition Template loads, along with the full deprecation will occur with the November ’23 Release. Customers are encouraged to begin using Edge Import for their Requisition Template loads prior to the deprecation.
Email Templates and Send Email from Manage Candidates Enhancements Yes With this enhancement, several updates are now available that benefit administrators, recruiters, and applicants.
Extend Bulk Selection on Manage Candidates Page (Early Adopter) No With this enhancement, recruiters can select and perform actions for 20 or 50 candidates per page.
Increase Flattened Application Page Limit Per Document No With this enhancement, customers can increase the page limit to 20 pages by contacting Global Customer Service (GCS). Once the page limit is increased, recruiters can view up to 20 pages for each uploaded applicant document in a flattened application.
Google is Deprecating Standard Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023 N/A Google is deprecating standard Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. A Knowledge Article has been created with guidelines to understand how to migrate from Google Universal Analytics to Googly Analytics 4 using the Google Tag Manager.
Job Alerts Templates for Mobile-Friendly Career Sites Yes With this enhancement, recruiting administrators can assign customized external job alert templates to the mobile-friendly career sites.
Job Alerts on Internal Career Site Yes With this release, Administrators can enable job alerts for internal career sites and provide an email template with the appropriate job alert details.
Manage Job Alerts in My Profile Yes With this enhancement, candidates can view these alerts, edit them, and unsubscribe in the new My Alerts section on their My Profile page.
Support Break Lines in Comments Yes

With this enhancement, to make comments easier to read, break lines are supported on the following pages:

  • Applicant Profile page - On the Comments tab.
  • Manage Candidates - View Profile page - In the Comments field.
  • Manage Candidates - Request Candidate Feedback pag3
Transferring Offer Letter and CV to Universal Profile Yes

With this enhancement, the HR administrator can create folders where the candidate's offer letter(s) and resume(s) are automatically uploaded to the user's Universal Profile Snapshot Documents tab on their start date. Documents display an ID number, Upload Date, and Uploaded By information.

Introduce Profile User Phone Tag to Interview and Offer Letter Email Templates Yes With this enhancement, a new tag, PROFILE.USER.PHONE can be used in email templates, and when resolved, provides the candidate's phone number in notification emails.