What's New for the 03 April 2020 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 03 April 2020 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Kronos Workforce Ready Core Data Inbound Integration - Support for Custom Fields Custom user and organizational unit (OU) fields are now supported in the Kronos Workforce Ready Core Data Inbound Integration.
Core Reporting 2.0 - Report Viewer Filters Section Expanded by Default With this enhancement, the Filters section at the top of the report viewer page is expanded by default.
Performance Reporting Fields - Check-Ins

With this enhancement:

  • The Check-In Modifier alias is renamed to Check-In Last Modified By - This clarifies that the reported user will always be the last person who edited the Check-In. All other fields in this group remain unchanged.
  • All User fields included in the Check-In Participant field grouping will be removed, except for User Full Name and User ID - This prevents unintended reporting on Check-In participants by someone other than the manager. With this change, the fields available in the "Check-In Participant" field grouping are consistent with the fields available in the "Check-In Last Modified By" and "Check-In Creator" field groupings.
Learning Learning Details Redesign (Early Adopter) – Strikethrough Logic for Pricing With this enhancement, event and session prices display with a strikethrough on the Learning Details page if the user viewing the page has the event or session included in a subscription.
Recruiting Simplified Recruiter Experience in Manage Candidates - Request Reference Letters With this enhancement, the option to request reference letters is now available from Manage Candidates, both on the Manage Candidates page and from the applicant carousel.